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If we do not Impeach Obama immediately we will be embroiled in thermonuclear war with Russia and China. Obama has planned to kill billions in the coming war. Christianity will be persecuted and millions executed. We must act now or it will be too late. If any one in government, or the main stream media, watches this video, and can do anything. NOW IS THE TIME. OBAMA MUST BE IMPEACHED now. Please share this with everyone. Please get this information out. PLEASE PRAY

See also  UK, Australia and US agree partnership to boost defences and share nuclear submarine secrets
See also  UK, Australia and US agree partnership to boost defences and share nuclear submarine secrets

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  1. The decision to engage in global thermonuclear war will be made by the elite entities that run the government. Impeaching the ‘Cannibal-in-Charge’, resulting in a Joe ‘Asshole’ Biden presidency, will do nothing to avert such an agenda if this is what is deemed.
    The only opportunity to avert nuclear war is to nuke the owl worshipers when they all congregate at the Bohemian Grove.

        • I don’t know anyone with nukes, do you? Plus, that place is fine country. Why ruin it? Nukes ruin everything for years. You only want to ruin them! Any decent sized angry mob would be far better, and far cheaper.
          I also never saw a limosine that could jump a river, or stride a limosine sized hole full of burning fuel oil, or vault over 3 foot high caltrops. No nukes needed. Just some petrochemicals and rented diggers, and some aluminium and rust. And hatchets, of course.

    • Actually, impeaching Obama probably would stop their plans. Our bloodthirsty, criminally insane Jewish supremacist rulers picked Obama – with all his baggage (e.g., not even a legal U.S. citizen, let alone a “natural born citizen”) – for a good reason.
      What exactly is it about Obama that they wanted him, when they had many other moral degenerates to choose from? I’ll tell you what it is: He’s uniquely, demonically evil.
      Our Masters always rule through intermediaries, i.e., front men, and they needed one who, when the chips were down, could be counted on to “push the button” when the time came. Whereas Biden might think about his grandchildren, for example, and hesitate, Obama would have no such compunction.
      But this is all academic, as there’s obviously no way to get rid of Obama. We found out from first hand experience that the Constitution and the rule of law are already so meaningless in the U.S. that we can’t even challenge Obama’s eligibility to run for office or hold his office…even in the face of damning prima facie evidence that he’s not a “natural born citizen”.

      • You Americans are not heroes! Even in Nazi Germany the had members in the generality f. e. Klaus of Stauffenberg – who wanted to assassinate Hitler and tried it several times. So where are your military heroes, veterans – America?
        Americans are only great in murdering civilians like the did in Iraq.

      • I honestly don’t think Obama is clever enough to fight Putin. And Putin definitely does NOT want nuclear war. No sane Russian does. Putin has been running rings around the current administration lately.

        • Obama is pure puppet, so I don’t think the word “clever” would be applicable.
          And yes, I agree, Putin (or any other reasonable person) doesn’t want nuclear war (or any war for that matter). But here’s the problem: Jews apparently do want war, and as all of 20th century history shows us, Jews usually get their way.
          This is because Jews are not “sane”; rather, Jews are Jews, and Jews do what it’s in their nature to do, and their nature is evil.

          • Well, if you’ve got a dog that insists on chasing cars, why not let her catch one? One way or another, she’ll learn.
            I’m sure there’s no particular ethnic or religious minority with the monopoly on crazy.

  2. It appears that Obama has a pact with the Russians and Chinese to invade America which is why they are desperately working to take the guns as they know that it will get ugly if they fail to take them when the balloon goes up and as Americans, we will fight once the sleeping people awaken to this potential.

    • Appears to whom? There won’t be a nuclear war, and they are welcome to try to take all the guns they can manage to get.

      • Sleat,
        The nuclear war has already begun…..Fukushima certainly qualifies as it has, and is, killing people all over the Pacific, plus, knowing how these criminally insane people have absolutely no respect for life, they don’t really care who or how bad they destroy this planet because they think they will live forever through the very technology they are hiding from the people of the world, boy are they deluded or what?

        • I don’t think the clever (albeit sociopathic) ones are happy to irradiate the planet. Bioweapons (that they have their own vaccines for) serve their interests much better than randomly leaking reactors. How many have died of Fukushima radiation so far? Seems like a very ineffective and haphazard way to kill us peasants, given all the much better (for them) stuff that exists. Or do they just have some kind of radiation fetish? It just isn’t that efficient compared to a good plague. Has killed way fewer in the history of mankind than even a good flu!
          And flu only kills people. Radiation kills everything.
          A nuclear war doesn’t help them. Actually, if they are in centralized bunkers, they’ll catch most of it. Joke’s on them.

    • Yep, any minute now, The Russians and The Chinese will arrive on our shores with EMP weapons and neutron bombs on every city. Everybody be afraid…any minute now…it appears…
      Also that secret additive to drinking water that makes Americans willingly hand over their guns to Obama. Uh-oh, maybe I’ve said too much…

    • Yep, any minute now, The Russians and The Chinese will arrive on our shores with EMP weapons and neutron bombs on every city. Everybody be afraid…any minute now…it appears…
      Also that secret additive to drinking water that makes Americans willingly hand over their guns to Obama. Uh-oh, maybe I’ve said too much…

  3. My Friend, Scripture is clear that in The Last Days these things will come to pass. Getting rid of Obama will not spare us from the Judgments of God. We have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Repent and seek HIS face, HIS salvation!!!

  4. Does it make sense for there to be a Nazi Government in the Ukraine when the top positions are held by Jews and backed by the western powers who are in thrall to or are Jews and Freemasons? The very people who brought the horrors of soviet communism to Russia.
    The alleged nazis in the Ukraine must therefore be a false flag. A true Nazi movement would never work for jews and freemasons and would be interested in what is good for the nation and race. Starting WW3 does not serve such goals but it does serve the goals of the Jews and the Freemasons who run the banks and governments of the west. People that commissioned the Georgia Guidestones that had as the first commandment that the population of the world should be at or below 500 million. Frankly the true diabolical feinds behind all this should be dispatched by means of spies and snipers instead of lobbing H bombs.

    • You confuse Jews with Zionists. Zionists and Nazis are old bedfellows. Zionists have promoted the persecution of Jews in the past to achieve their geopolitical agenda – the Nazis of Germany and Zionists worked very closely (to the point the Nazis accepted funds from American Zionist bankers through the likes of people such as Prescott Bush) prior to WW2 to get Jews deported to Palestine. More recently it has been shown that many ‘Islamic terror’ groups are created and operated by Zionist Israel and compliant Anglo-Saxon nations. Jews, the political classes, the media and the financial industry (to name a few) have a ‘Stockholm syndrome’ relationship with their Zionist masters, enthralled by their power and influence, and unquestioningly accepting their highly distorted views on basic matters of politics, history and humanity.

      • …Standard oil made it possible that the German Air Force could fly until the end of 1944. The Germans in exchange delivered the plutonium and the fuse for both bombs which were used in Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

    • Why is it that Hitler was an Austrian Jew? You didn’t know that. Barack Obama is practically a Jew by his mother and so is f. e. Chancellor Merkel of Germany.
      Jews, Zionist – doesn’t matter – there is no difference between this thugs.

      • Zionists use the mistreatment of Jews in East Europe during WW2 as a means of ‘plausible deniability’ in occupied Palestine, i.e. it is verboten to compare the Israelis treatment of the Palestinians to that of the Nazis to Jews despite the glaringly obvious similarities. Zionist therefore were just as concerned with Jews back then as they are with Palestinians today inasmuch that they are part of the same objective (which was first promoted by the Catholic Crusades just after the dark ages); to get white Europeans a bridge head in the Middle East; first; get the Jews into Palestine, second; get the Arabs out of Israel. They use the mistreatment of both, at different times, to achieve their ends; which are sadly bizarre and baffling in this day and age.

  5. they are at the place right now. there have been many nukes used in anger not just Hiroshima. many tested even by the germans in wwII. the Israeli.s used tactical nukes on Syria and to create the tsunami on fukushima.
    if these “elites” aren’t made to understand that the infantile disgrace and mucking up of our lives IS AT AN END.
    You are FIRED. All of you. Go home now the free healthcare, interest free loans, drug running, cancer cure suppressing party is OVER!

  6. The videos don’t open. Anyway, nuclear war goes in stages, military targets first and all military wants to keep second and third strike capability. Also there could be some incentive to save civilians as far as possible.

  7. These are the same kind of people who create Nazi Germany! They are Zionist or self inflicted Jews without knowing that only Semites could be Jews, nevertheless in Nazi Germany we had a Jewish elite led by an Austrian Jew Hitler pushing their agenda: genocide, extortion, robbery and murder. The Jews in Germany were victims and perpetrators at the same time. 120.000 Jews fought in the German army! Many General and most of Hitlers cabinet and consultants were Jews. We never counted the victims of the Holocaust in Russia – more than 12 million!
    Washington D. C. and the United Sodomites of America are the direct successor of Nazi Germany. The new Nazis smile while they are murder and loot and attack other countries and the have new instruments like the UN and the UNSC.

    • Hitler wasn’t Jewish, stop spreading leftist lies. David Irving has actually looked at the files on Hitler that Himmler ordered in the Russian archives. They weren’t even marked as top secret. Jews aren’r Semites they are Khazars, the Palestinians are the true Semites.
      The Nazis wer allied to the Palestinians
      You don’t half come out with some nonsense.

  8. I have seen my share of kooks on the internet, but the guests who are commenting here compare with any of the idiots I have ever seen post on any blog.

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