We are witnessing the greatest scandal in U. S.. history. Framing a duly elected President for treason…

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We are witnessing the greatest scandal in U. S.. history. Framing a duly elected President for treason... #GetRope
A lot of people don’t remember this one
This ties into Comey and McCabe setting up Priebus to take a fall for obstruction. Well worth reading:www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/stunning-report-fbi-deputy-director-andrew-mccabe-caught-leaking-admitting-trump-russia-collusion-story-bullsht/
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12 thoughts on “We are witnessing the greatest scandal in U. S.. history. Framing a duly elected President for treason…

  1. Treason is narrowly and specifically defined in the Constitution. I don’t see any of this Russia stuff — even if TRUE, which I doubt — satisfying the Constitutional definition of treason.

  2. What comes around goes around. I pity the fools that have propagated the false accusations against the President. When the tables are turned, and they will be, there will be very little leniency in their sentencing.

  3. Well, the GOP laid down the Blueprint when they did this to Clinton for lying about consensual sex in the White House. Trump is just an easier target this time. And this ISN’T the “GREATEST SCANDAL IN US HISTORY”. Nope, 9/11/2001 IS the GREATEST SCANDAL in USA HISTORY! Period. But, Bushjr. did finish the story of My Pet Goat on that morning though! MAGA!

    • It was a lot more than consensual sex sweety, not to mention nothing came of it. No one plotted to frame a President for treason, unlike Hillary.

      • Umm, honey Clinton was Impeached. Something did happen. If thats not plotting against a siting President, then what is? Trump hurts himself with his his bombast and makes this easier then Clinton did. Ken Starr would be all over Trump by now.
        But nothing is as bad as Bushsr. Hosting Midnight White House Tours for Naked Boys. Back in the 90’s. MAGA!

    • Fully agreed about 9/11 — but my view of the Clinton thing is somewhat different — while I think he should have been impeached over something REALLY REALLY bad he did (such as looting social security funds, repealing Glass-Steagall, paving the road for the Fake News situation we have today), it was better to catch him over some minor wrongdoing than to do nothing. (Sadly it didn’t help, he still remained in office and still make hundreds of millions.)
      Of course afterwards the GOP totally messed up by running just about the only one who could be worse than a Clinton.

  4. I didn’t know we were “At War” with Russia!? Or is it that there is a U.S. based Kabal that hates a Christian based society that is Smart, Industrious and Awakened to the orchestrations and confines of the Big World Bankers?…………..hmmm

  5. And the leader of this coup d’état, ex-POTUS Barry Soetero, needs to be arrested
    immediately and held in federal prison, without bail, to await his trial. He is
    lurking right down the street from the White House. Just send twenty armed
    Marines down to Barry’s conspiratorial headquarters and take him out in leg-irons
    and handcuffs! #arrest-all-the-coup-conspirators.

    • I think the leader of the coup d’état is Hitlery Clinton (with Obomber being one of her helpers of course) — but otherwise agreed…

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