We Cannot Condemn The Violence In Charlottesville Strongly Enough

What just happened in Charlottesville, Virginia should break all of our hearts. This is not what our country is about, and I am really struggling to find words that are strong enough to denounce the violence that we just witnessed. Hating people because of the color of their skin is evil. I know that a lot of people are trying to put a political spin on what happened in Charlottesville, but the truth is that it had absolutely nothing to do with normal political discourse. A very, very small group of people that are filled with hate have been trying to draw attention to themselves, and now thanks to a senseless act of violence the eyes of the entire world are on them. The rest of us need to join together to strongly denounce them, because their kind of hate has no place in our society.

Many of you already know that I attended school in Charlottesville. I have a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, and I absolutely loved my time there. There is nothing like Charlottesville on a crisp autumn day, and I will always remember my long strolls along The Lawn. Without a doubt, I will always love UVA and the friendships that I made there will stay with me for the rest of my life.
So it deeply angers me that a very small hate-filled group of racists is dragging the name of my beloved Charlottesville through the mud. Now, instead of being known for all of the wonderful things it should be known for, Charlottesville will primarily be known for one unspeakably evil violent act

In Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, 32, was killed and 19 other people were injured when a car plowed into a group of counterprotesters.

Two state police officers also died when their helicopter crashed near town while they were trying to assist in the city Thomas Jefferson called home.

The word “demonic” definitely fits what took place, and my hope is that the entire nation will so loudly condemn what happened that it will greatly discourage any similar racial violence in the future. And fortunately, prominent leaders all over the country are already denouncing this senseless violence in extremely strong terms. For example, Pastor Darrell Scott posted the following message on Twitter

“There’s no way to justify or defend the abominable behavior of the hate groups responsible for the violence & destruction in Charlottesville”

And I think that Franklin Graham was right on point with the following statement…

Pray for Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe, law enforcement, and everyone struggling to deal with the chaos and violence that reared its ugly head in Charlottesville today. It is such a tragedy—life was lost and many people were injured. Violence and hatred aren’t the answer. God’s Word tells us, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice” (Ephesians 4:31). Join me in praying for the injured, the families of those who died—and for peace to be restored.

A tragedy like this should unite all of us.
These are no “sides” to take in this matter, and there is nothing to debate. What was done was purely evil, and it was birthed out of a worldview that is purely evil as well. The following comes from Dr. Michael Brown

There is nothing American about White Supremacism — nothing heroic, nothing praiseworthy, nothing patriotic. It is a rotten, ugly mindset full of hatred, bigotry, and pride, and every person of conscience should denounce it. It degrades others who are also created in the image of God and takes His name in vain to further its cause. Whatever our political or racial or ethnic background, as Americans, we need to stand together against it.

Lastly, Ivanka Trump summed up things very well when she posted this statement on Twitter

“There should be no place in society for racism, white supremacy and neo-nazis.”

I simply do not understand the hatred that fuels racist hearts.
As a Christian, the Bible tells me that God considers every single individual to be of immense value. In fact, God loved each one of us so much that He sent His only Son to die on the cross for our sins.
So if Jesus was willing to die for someone, who are you to hate that person?
If you regularly follow my work, then you already know that I have been a very outspoken opponent of racism for many years. If we don’t learn how to start loving one another, it is difficult to see how we are going to have any sort of a positive future. Racism is an evil that needs to be eradicated, and my hope is that this great tragedy will start to bring the nation together and that a season of healing will begin.

13 thoughts on “We Cannot Condemn The Violence In Charlottesville Strongly Enough

  1. Auntie fa are the ONLY ones responsible for this marxist skank being rundown.
    Aunti fa conspire to “SHUT DOWN” others free speech- a VIOLATION of their rights.
    You DO NOT decide who can rally and who can not.
    Auntie fa conspired to illegally take away rights from other Americans by RIOTING and ATTACKING people.
    The SCUM police ‘stood down’ because they CANT be trusted to follow the laws they uphold and allowed aunti fa to riot.
    So, when the cops AND communists are ILLEGALLY working together to strip away rights, YOU ARE DAMN.LUCKY IT WASNT MORE THAN SOMEONE WITH A CAR doing work!
    Auntie fa WILL NOT be allowed to run the streets and Officer Safety and his merry band of stormtroopers HELPED the RIOTERS who thanked them with anti police chants immediately thereafter.
    EVERY ONE of those aunti fa should be put up against thw wall and KILLED for being marxist traitors.
    The US used to give medals to those killing communists, now they stand down and let the commies attack Americans.
    War is coming and its one the fedguv cant win.

  2. Now antifa members must realize that before they take that Soros paycheck to go out clubbing people over the head with bike locks, something other than a very light jail sentence may be waiting on them.

  3. This was not racist! Look at the videos and you will see a mixed racial group hitting the demonstrators with sticks. Where were the police? Why would anyone be allowed to stand in close proximity to a peaceful demonstration with a 5 foot long pole wearing a helmet? Why were the “tools of assault” not removed from the equation at the start of the day? The only difference between the police and the muggers was the color and continuity of the uniforms. THIS WAS AN GAUNTLET ENGINEERED BY THE CITY!

  4. The guy who ran into people wasn’t right leaning at all. He was a Bernie Bro and he likely did it on accident. Watch the video again and notice he only speeds up and hits people when he’s driving and some black thug in a peaceful rally starts beating on his car from behind. Why did he back up? He was obviously scared for his life because what was the first thing they did when they rushed to the crash? They started beating his car in with weapons.
    WATCH THE GODDAMN VIDEOS AGAIN FFS! Ever since Trump it’s like the entire Independent/Alternative media has lost their minds and gone all mainstream. The MSM is actually winning and you don’t see it as you follow the reactionary tabloid apologetic media. If Independent media doesn’t start going back to their roots again your reputations are going to be destroyed within years.

  5. I watched footage from ANOTHER angle and it shows his Dodge being chased by BLM mob & hits with thrown objects and his with bats / poles BEFORE he stepped on gas.
    lMO he was getting attacked, panicked and plowed into car in front of him. BUT had he not backed out when he did; running over people stupid enough to get behind his car; the Mob that jumped on his car & started smashing his windows would have dragged him from the car & probably killed him on the spot!

    • Yes…..it was a prearranged KILL ZONE with the Tundra on the right and the high brick walls and little place else to go except forward or backwards.

  6. It is hard to believe that IWB would fall for the left-wing propaganda. The blame here is on the Governor, the Mayor, the police, and the left-wing hatred that instigated the whole thing. This was a set up to do away with right wing free speech.

  7. Looks like a set up to me
    Who is Jason Kessler that is supposed to be an alt right supremacist.. He’s the one who organized the rally.
    Jason Kessler (Organizer of Unite the Right), Currently a White Supremacist, Was Formerly Involved in the Occupy Movement and Was a Full-Fledged Obama Supporter.

  8. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a5d87362386735a5f0e1726977aaf7cd0ab7f31a44d344f069da10d2aee49866.jpg Heyer was NEVER there.. I cannot find ANY photo of her before or AFTER the crash…..also are you aware that her mother Susan Bro works for the University of Virginia? Yet there is a Gimme Page set up for HER!!!! that they collected $225,000!!!! I am beginnng to really think this entire psyops was a real set up the more I keep digging…plus the fact that the antifa gang brought bags filled with urine and feces and THREW THEM at the other folks….which in itself shows an extremely mental case mentality on their part…..and odd the bags of urine and feces were not mentioned on the MSM either!!!! Also the reporters were maced by them….not reported either. And the banners in place before they were bussed in in white busses. They had plenty of time to even PRINT UP T PURPLE T SHIRTS with the supposedly last thing on Heyer’s FB page no less. How convienent is this I ask you?

  9. I don’t think that Heather Heyer was even there!!! I can’t find any
    photos of her either before or afterwards. She weighed around 300 lbs
    so she would have been very easy to spot that’s for sure. The folks
    that supposedly rode with her in their car to the event some black dude
    and his alleged finacee were in the photo of the black man with the red
    bottomed sneakers flying were identified on the Daily Mail with a long
    article about them but there is NOTHING I could find anywhere on the net
    about Heyer….and I find it really amazing that no one videotaped her
    “body” being loaded up on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance or
    anything!!! You would think that her being their Martyr they would video
    every single thing they could about her and share it online…from
    before and AFTER supposedly being hit. They would want to make sure
    everyone saw the dead body!!! Anyone out there find any for real
    identified photo of Heyer? Also Heyer’s mother Susan Bro works for the
    University of V and the Gimme Page was set up for HER raking in $225,000
    for WHAT? And other antifa members have pages set up for “medical
    bills”….one being Natalie Romero who oddly enough was in ROTC with a
    chestfull of medals crying she needed money for medical bills and her
    mom is an illegal from Mexico living in Houston of all places. Also why
    would the site Heavy dot com have loads of photos of her fat azz folks
    up within HOURS of this incident and lots of information about her
    including the driver? The car was registered to a dozen folks before he
    got hold of it. And the interview of Fields’ mother Bloom in a garage
    looks very fishy as well. Notice how Heyer is a jewish name, Bro is a
    jewish name, Fields is a jewish name and Bloom is a jewish name? Does
    this strike you as really really coincidental? I don’t think so. Plus
    Charlottesville has been jewish controlled since before the Civil War
    as a slave auction site and hub.I AM GETTING MORE AND MORE
    plenty of time to hang up banners and bus in lots of protestors in white
    buses….and prepare lots of bags with urine and feces that they threw
    at the peaceful folks. And plenty of time AHEAD to have purple T Shirts
    made up with Heather’s photo and her convienent slogan on it for the
    Sunday Memorial service.!!!! They left out nothing for this performance………

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