"We Caught 'Em!" President Trump Happy About Nunes Memo

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“We Caught ‘Em!” President Trump Happy About Nunes Memo
President Trump Tells Everyone That They Never Thought They Were Going To Be Caught But WE Caught EM! this is politics news today and breaking news today and latest news today from a trump speech on tax reform this is today news from usa america news and from the white house news archive nunes memo was brought up in a way to talk about how we caught them this is trump news
this is political news and politics news fox news cnn and msnbc all broadcasted this clip as soon as it happened
original air date: 2/5/2017

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1 thought on “"We Caught 'Em!" President Trump Happy About Nunes Memo

  1. Yes, you caught them red-handed– now what? If federal election meddling by the previous administration and the DNC is not prosecuted, then our country is doomed anyway. This isn’t just a battle over the US government, but the future of our world.

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