Weather Extremes Corporate Media Wants You to Forget

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These are the events as winter 2019 winds down that the corporate media would like you to forget because of how far outside the Global Warming narrative these events have been.

(777) Moscow Winter Thunderstorms, Etna Erupts , Middle East Snows
(778) Europe Setting a Superfreeze Trend: 3rd Year in a Row
(780) Power Prices Spike Up 4X, Coldest in a Century Across Canada
(782) Coldest Temperatures of Your Lifetime Descend on the U.S
(783) Coldest Ever in USA continues New Records and Forecasts
(785) Day After Tomorrow Scenes, Antarctica Cools & Jet Streams Bent
(786) Unprecedented Floods Australia, Winter Lightning Europe
(789) West Coast USA Snow Records Verify Jet Stream Shift
(790) Hawaii Record, Snowfall, Cold and Wind Speed Four Islands
(791) Grand Solar Minimum is the Real National Emergency
(794) Snow Los Angeles, Record Snow Las Vegas & Flagstaff Arizona

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