WeChat app started to censor coronavirus related messages one week before the new virus was announced.

  • Toronto-based research team Citizen Lab made the bombshell claim yesterday
  • Censored content included texts about the virus deemed as ‘rumours’, it is said
  • The app allegedly expanded the scope of censorship as the outbreak escalated
  • It remains unknown if this is an order from the government to media companies
  • The novel coronavirus has killed 3,220 and infected over 94,100 people globally
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One of China‘s most popular social media apps started to censor messages about the coronavirus a week before officials acknowledged the virus, it has been revealed.

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Toronto-based research group Citizen lab released a report yesterday, suggesting that WeChat started to block coronavirus-related content on January 1 and expanded the scope of censorship as the outbreak grew.

But it wasn’t until January 7 when the Chinese authorities announced they had identified a new virus.