Weeks after Nigel Farage exposed a legal loophole, that allowed boatloads of migrants to come into Britain, government will seek to close it

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Ms Patel has been described as “furious” about the crisis which was highlighted by Nigel Farage last week and has vowed to put a stop to it. Tensions have also been raised with the French over allegations that their authorities are escorting boats of illegal migrants into British waters from camps in northern France. And Mr Farage warned that over the summer the Kent coastline is “facing an invasion” unless swift action is taken.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the government with Tory MPs writing letters demanding action is taken.

A source close to the Home Secretary said: “She is not happy about what is going on.”

But the source insisted that it was wrong to accuse the French of escorting migrants over the Channel.

The source said: “They do not have the legal powers to stop the boats from coming over but because they have a duty to rescue they have to shadow these overcrowded boats in French waters.

“The migrants will say they do not need rescuing until they enter British waters when suddenly they say they do and it has become the responsibility of Border Force here.”

The source said this is why the Home Secretary is now seeking to change the law so that boats can be intercepted and turned around before they enter British waters.

“We are working with the French on this because they want to resolve this problem too.



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