Welcome To The 4th Turning Crisis Stage

Bob Moriarty on Palisades Gold Radio

Tom welcomes Robert Moriarty back to the program. Bob discusses the capital destruction that has occurred within both the cryptocurrency and stock markets. He believes crypto is analogous to beanie babies because of the amount of different currencies.

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Interference in the markets is creating more problems than if the government and Fed had done nothing at all. Weak banks and businesses deserve to fail, but instead we keep moving the goal posts and continue the bad policies. The Fed has painted themselves into a corner and is now putting gasoline onto the fire. We’ve created forty percent of new money in the past couple of years, and that increase in money supply is causing higher prices. If they raise rates another percent, they will blow up the stock market. They can either crash markets or create hyperinflation. Both are bad choices. We’re going to see deflation, then hyperinflation.



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