Well That Escalated Quickly: Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Proposed During His CNN Torn Hall to Create a New Federal News & Information Agency To Punish Those Seeking to Misinform the Public, Giving the Bird to The Bill of Rights.

by WeAreTheResistance

Andrew Yang has revealed himself to be pretty authoritarian in his town hall with CNN.

He actually proposes a new law enforcement agency to punish people or groups “who seek to misinform the American people”.

He cites the danger of the-soon -to-be-released and apparently widespread deep fake technology as being a bigger threat to society then free speech or freedom of the press which are basic Constitutionally protected in the Bill of Rights.

Holy shit this guy scares me now.

That’s the entire point, the only way he can “hold the media accountable” is by violating the Constitution and freedom of the press. He also says that CNN of course isn’t doing anything wrong and isn’t misinforming the American people intentionally (bullshit), which gives you a pretty clear indicator that it won’t be the corporate mainstream media like CNN who he wants to punish. There will be the official story and anyone who veers from it will be punished. It sounds like the alternative media that go against the hive mind and have the ability to create compelling alternative narratives will be the ones he will be seeking to punish.