We’re all the top of a rollercoaster and only a handful of us know that it’s about to drop.

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8 trillion?! woahh

And here’s the source if anyone’s interested: www.reuters.com/markets/asia/chinas-next-debt-crisis-will-be-municipal-2022-01-10/

The Federal Reserve Needs to Get a Lot More Hawkish, Bill Dudley: Bloomberg

I have news for those who think the U.S. Federal Reserve has turned more hawkish on inflation: It has only just begun.

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Fiscal And Monetary Cliffs Have Arrived

When you factor in the massive fiscal and monetary cliffs together with the most overvalued stock market in history, you have the recipe for potential unprecedented stock market chaos, which should be front-end loaded in ‘22. If your retirement savings is with a deep state of Wall Street firm, you hold some mix of stocks and bonds that is set on autopilot. Their fate should be the same as the Hindenburg and Titanic.

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