We’re already far beyond 1984. Even here few understand, and perhaps none of us completely.

Sharing is Caring!

by oofyikeswowzers

With shills both military and civilian (Jackson AFB was bestowed the title of “the most reddit addicted city” way back in 2014), there is no need to wield an iron fist in order to control the origin, spread, and manipulation of information. If you wish to control what a population thinks, believes, and discusses, limit the scope of acceptable topics and then heavily encourage debate within the newly defined acceptable scope. There need not be a ministry of truth publicly declaring what is and isn’t true.

I will stop and preface the following section for the newly awakened among us: We all know shills exist. What might surprise you to learn is that there are certain topics which are disallowed, and as such are obscured by vote manipulation as well as shilling, Because most users view subs by hot, top, or sometimes new, this effectively renders these topics not only invisible, but for those who are new to this realm of things and are looking to gain an understanding by measuring consensus, they will ironically learn to see derisively the very topics that are chosen for suppression, passing it along to new generations of truth seekers in the same way as the parable of the monkeys and the ladder. By this mechanism we are undone and there seems to be very little we can do to stop it other than focusing on the few topics that are universally known and unanimously agreed upon, such as the necessity to dismantle the federal reserve (nonviolently, you admins knowingly serving evil), or perhaps enacting a mesh net.

And now back to the now obsoleted methods of control of the recent past.

Where bolshevik communism spent enormous amounts of resources on listing all major subversive men in their countries, then arresting them, then torturing them until they gave up every other subversive they know, and on and on until 60,000,000 ethnic russians were dead, we now give them all of the information they desire via social media.

There is one method, again born out of bolshevik communism, that it seems most users are unaware of and yet it is the most applicable and immediately important to us: fuzzing the truth. This is the process of measuring the ways in which beliefs are formed in various communities, looking for weak points, then seeding said given community with false information that is likely to be accepted as fact. This leads to a situation of profound demoralization and a feeling that truth is unknowable so it is likely best to give up and focus on the day to day in their own personal lives. Where censorship, shills, and manipulations have failed, fuzzing the truth is now in full swing and by my own admittedly anecdotal experience, it is working wonders. I have been asked by family and friends where they might go to learn about truth, because they feel it to be out of their reach, and anymore I just offer them a list of books and documentaries that I keep on disposable le usb drives in order to ensure they are able to have a copy in the event some something or other is censored. This does not bode well for the future. New information is incredibly difficult to parse.

I don’t mean to sound defeatist and I don’t mean to point a single finger (aside from the one I point perpetually towards the owners of all central banks and the now reactivated remnants of bolshevik communism and weimar disease. That I said “one finger” is no mistake; they all come from the same group). Our situation is bleak, yes, and truth seekers seem to be outnumbered by both the indoctrinated and the self-defeatists with their heads buried in sand, but take heart: a successful revolution (nonviolent revolution, admins who knowingly serve evil) only requires 13% of a population on average and there have been successes in the past 50 years with even less still.



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