We’re amid the biggest mortgage rate shock since 1981. The bond market is literally imploding, equities are guaranteed to also implode soon enough.

by TheRealJugger

I know everyone here are excessive risk taking regards, so naturally the bond market is not even an after thought.

But in reality, the bond market is senior to equity markets and makes the equity market look like an ant. And it is chop full of extremely conservative investors that in downturns usually see a very conservative drawdown. Well they are literally getting their faces ripped off, especially in the past few days. For example, TLT 20+ year long term treasury ETF is down 35% since 2021 peak lmao.

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Let me be absolutely clear, if some of the most conservative financial instruments are getting decapitated. The riskier junior stocks are going to get obliterated. Reality is starting to set in, position accordingly.

Goldman Sachs turns bearish on stocks, while BlackRock says ‘shun most equities’

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