We’re going to get flooded with 5G wireless not because we want it, but because the military needs it.

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We are going to get a spiffy new 5G wireless network all over the country, and we’re pushing for it in our allies’ backyards too.

What the pushers aren’t telling you is that we HAVE to have a 5G network. Our new data-driven weapons require it. We’re going to be flooded with 5G, regardless of any harm it can do.

5G will form both a “defensive perimeter” protecting US information against cyber attacks or involvement by malicious state actors while also enabling the use of data-intensive physical weaponry, the alleged government memo says.

“The vaunted F-35 is incapable of being used to its full potential, because the data rates on our current networks preclude the full use of its data collection. Soon it will be joined by other advanced aircraft that are similarly data monsters,” the alleged memo states, referring to America’s latest problematic fighter jet.

The alleged memo also refers to the B-21 Raider stealth bomber; the P-8 Poseidon military aircraft, which Boeing said is used for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; the Aegis Combat System, which intercepts medium-range ballistic missiles; and the F-35 stealth fighter, which Lockheed Martin says uses sensor technology.

“Building a secure, resilient, layered, and global 5G network will transform how the Joint Force operates and allow for the full use of data-intensive weapons systems like Aegis, P-8, F-35, and B-21 … in the Air Force alone, efforts to get the F-22 and F-35 to communicate require purpose-built gateways,” the alleged memo explains.


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That’s some fucked up stuff, right there. I’ve been utilizing the Faraday concept, hoping it mitigates the Wi-Fi spying to some degree.


You can find many articles that claim the US military must have 5G for their most advanced planes—and for their developing AI-controlled weapons. How does that work? Where will all the transmitter/cells be placed on the ground and in the air?? Something is missing here. Is there another version of 5G we’re not being told about? Is geoengineering of the atmosphere the means for tuning up space so 5G signals can be passed along without cells/transmitters?jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/5g-wireless-a-ridiculous-front-for-global-control/


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