We’re not at the bottom of the market until pet food sales stop going up.

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by worthlessreview

Think about it.

What does every rich person care about? The people? No. Kids? Nope, send them off to boarding school. The environment? *LOL*.

They care about their pets.

Crazy cat breeds, dogs smaller and smoother than my brain, exotic fish harvested by children in the Congo.

Colorful fish, rare birds and hairless cats are all key indicators of wealth and according to this article I googled. petkeen.com/pet-food-industry-statistics-trends-canada/

Pet food sales are up in the CAGR. I don’t know what the CAGR is but they’re up. Most notably Premium wet food has a CAGR of 2.3%. Which is probably pretty high. Pair that with 8.5 million pet fish in Canada and it’s clear that the rich are using animals to store their wealth.

Here’s another one. commonthreadco.com/blogs/coachs-corner/pet-industry-trends-growth-ecommerce-marketing

Now I didn’t read any of this but I have a feeling it shows how the cost of a French Bulldog in 2019 was around $2500 (Canadian) and in 2022 they’re selling for $5000.

That’s a 100% gain if you own a French Bull Dog, solid investment but I feel like this is the top of the bulldog market and you should sell.

Along with this they show some numbers about boutique pet brands taking more of the market value and you just know that Bezos and Gates aren’t buying doggy sweaters at pet smart. So it adds up.


More talk about the CAGR, it’s up 0.4% I guess. Which is good. Up is always good.

But what does all this even mean?


Rich people are still spending money on their pets. What do rich people love more than their pets? Money. When we hit the bottom of the market you’ll start to see rich people off load their pet investments and use that cash to buy more stocks at the bottom so they can make more money.

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I’m not offering any sort of advice, but if I were me I’d be tracking the premium pet food market and when it levels out of dips I’d be buying every stock I could afford because once the rich see the bottom it’s going to go back up. That’s how the ultra rich stay rich and how I make sure I can see my own reflection in my brain.

TLDR: Wait until rich people value stocks over pets before buying the dip. The market is the inverse of pet food sales.

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