We’ve Gone Through The Looking Glass

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JOHN HINDERAKER: “It is almost unbelievable that the Democrats and their media adjunct are trying to deny that the Obama administration spied on the Trump presidential campaign. Are they unaware of the multiple FISA warrants obtained to spy on Carter Page? Do they not know that the fake Fusion ‘dossier’ was the basis for those FISA warrants, thus eliminating any question about whether the point was to spy on the Trump campaign? Are they unaware of many news reports of federal agencies recruiting multiple human intelligence assets to report on the Trump campaign? And if they are aware of those generally-acknowledged facts, what on God’s green Earth are they talking about? The issue has almost become one of epistemology. The Democrats and the liberal press are committed to a narrative that turned out to be wrong. Nevertheless, facts that run counter to the cherished narrative somehow turn into a ‘debunked conspiracy theory.’”

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