WeWork will have the most successful IPO ever and then the entire market will crash just like it did in 2008.

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by GoRocketMan93

History repeats itself, so hear me out.

  • WeWork is a terrible company that has a CEO who doesn’t play by the rules and sees himself as a lone genius.
  • The artist Damien Hirst is a terrible artist who doesn’t play by the rules and sees himself as a lone genius.
  • In 2019 WeWork pulled a bunch of shady maneuvers like the CEO selling his own trademarks to the company to pull cash out.
  • In 2008 Damien Hirst created “For the Love of God” a “sculpture” that was a skull covered in diamond and sold it for over £50 million, the most expensive sale of art by a living artist… to himself and his broker.
  • In 2019 WeWork wants to launch an IPO even though they produce nothing of value.
  • In 2008 Damien Hirst launched his own art auction by going under the gallery that represents him to sell directly at a Sotheby’s auction, even though his art is made by assistants and he does nothing of value.

His gallery could have boycotted the auction and let it tank, but that would have crashed the value of all his art, which they owned hundreds of pieces of. The auction happened on September 15th and was expected to bring in at least $120 million over an evening and day sale, it grossed $200.75 million. Less than two weeks later the stock market crashed, starting the 2008 Recession.

If the market doesn’t buy WeWork it’s essentially saying “we don’t believe in tech companies who don’t produce a profit”, which undermines 90% of tech companies the market has gone wild for. The market will prop-up the price with a frenzy, and then crash shortly afterwards.

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