WH petition to replace gun control Citigroup/Citibank as provider of credit cards to U.S. govt

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by Dr. Eowyn

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There’s a petition on WhiteHouse.gov, begun just 3 days ago on March 22, 2018, to replace Citigroup/Citibank as the official provider of credit cards to the U.S. government.

This is what the petition says:

Citigroup has announced they are unilaterally setting restrictions on gun sales by their business customers. These restrictions would prohibit; who their business customers conduct business with, including adults under the age of 21, sale of magazines that Citigroup has considered “high capacity”, and so called “bump-stocks”.

This new policy will adversely affect small business and credit card clients and commerce in general, as well as set economic warfare precedence against law abiding Americans in an attempt to raise the cost of exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

We The People, call on Congress as protectors of individual liberties and freedom, to dispose of Citigroup/Citibank as a supplier of Government Credit Cards until they stop their affront to freedom.

The petition requires 100,000 signatures by April 21, to get the White House’s attention.

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To sign the petition, go here.

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