WH too far for even the Dems this time

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by BoomBoom_11_11

My brother is about as psychotically far left-leaning as they come. He’s double jabbed, ready to roll his sleeve up for his booster, defends the shots, defends Biden, and has continually painted me as a looney far-right conspiracy theorist. It’s strained our relationship to death the last year, but Love>Fear and don’t y’all forget that.

Anyway, I sent him the link to the WH memo this morning stating “for the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm”.

I didn’t expect him to react any differently than the tons of other things I’ve sent him. But this time? He was startled. “That’s really severe”. He then indicated he thought it must be a spoof. I showed him the WH website, showed him that it wasn’t. Again, he is stunned. Finally he admitted “That’s a bit harsh, coming from the White House”. Yeah, no $hit.

We then talked about how omicron is really just the flu at this point, how many other countries have basically started ignoring it and moving on with their lives, but that the US keeps clinging to the “vaccines” and “mandates”, even in spite of the most heavily “vaccinated” states having record-breaking new cases, etc.

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It was the first decent, honest conversation I have had with him about covid since it hit. I cannot believe it, but this extreme Democrat, who lives in a very blue state, surrounded by 100% Democrat friends/family, all of them double or triple jabbed- is actually, finally starting to listen to me. He’s finally starting to see beyond what his Facebook feed is telling him. I’m SO heartened by this. I had lost hope with him some time ago. But I kept sending information. Hoping. Praying.

If that is his reaction to the WH memo… I know for a fact that the WH went too far this time. If someone like him can start to see the truth- all hope is NOT lost for the United States.

Whatever happens next. Whatever Biden says or doesn’t say tomorrow. Whatever new BS your area of the world tries to implement. People who were so painfully brainwashed ARE starting to wake up. You must trust me on this.

HOLD. THE. LINE. And NEVER let them silence you.

Much love to all.


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