What angers me more than anything is Powell going on national television saying he has no limits he can buy everything. This just further incentivizes people to do the things that causes the economy to need never ending intervention stimulus moral hazard no growth inequality

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Hertz Likely Filing Ch 11 + Robinhood Bagholders

Story: www.wsj.com/articles/hertz-preparing-bankruptcy-filing-as-soon-as-friday-night-sources-say-11590182538

Robinhood holders buying the shit out of this as the stock cratered: robintrack.net/symbol/HTZ

  1. If someone did an inverse ETF for the top 20 Robinhood holdings I’d consider buying it.
  2. The dumpster diving that people are doing (top RH holdings: GE, F, DIS, AAL, DAL) – WTF is with the dumpster diving that people are focusing on while companies that are actually doing well in this aren’t even in the top 100 – SHOP (up a bit over 100% YTD) #138.



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