What are they teaching them in schools these days?

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Socialism is the evil belief that society will be better off in every way that counts when we each live at the expense of each other. Or rather when government forces everyone to live at the expense of everyone else.

Socialism was originally packaged as a way to increase worker’s standard of living by seizing wealth from the rich. In order to make that omelet, socialists murdered over 100 million people in the last century. Socialists then withdrew to re-imagine how socialism could work and how it could be sold to the masses. Now, it is being repackaged as a way to reduce “income inequality”, to bring “diversity” and above all “inclusion” to society. But it is still an ideology that in the end will be imposed by applying as much brutal force to society as it takes.

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It turns out that economist Ludwig von Mises has proved that a socialist economy is literally “unsustainable”, a concept that socialists love to scold the rest of us about. It took the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics about 70 years to consume all the available capital in that large nation. Its economy crashed and burned. Now the effort is being repeated in Venezuela, the country with the largest reserves of oil in the world. That economy is crashing and burning even faster.

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