WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Democrats Promise Free Gas Money for Everybody!

How about some free gas money to ease the pain at the pump?

That’s the plan being pushed this week — to the tune of $100 per household each month — by congressional Democrats.

I’m kidding, of course. Democrats would never propose a free gas money program so small. It’s actually $100 per household plus another $100 per dependent.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: The cure for gas-price inflation is to give out way more free money than most anyone would ever need to cover increased gas prices.

For a household like mine with two work-from-home parents and two kids, that’s $300 of Other People’s Money going straight into our checking accounts whether we need it or not.

I spend maybe $100 a month on gas, even at today’s high prices. Same for Mrs. VodkaPundit — it really is nice having both of us working from home.

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So she and I can split the $300, fill up our cars for free, then go blow the remaining $100 on Lotto tickets or booze or whatever.

These days, thrift is a sucker’s game.

Anyway, Democrats call it the Gas Rebate Act of 2022, and it’s the bastard brainchild of congresscritters Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), John Larson (D-Conn.), and Lauren Underwood (D-Ill.)



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