What is happening in this world

by magnora7

Everything going on is so insane, and it’s also designed to make everyone feel insane. Billions of people are being gaslighted, while tens billions of dollars are made from hijacked industries and hijacked governments.

It’s like a bad dream I can’t wake up from. People are so stupid it makes me hurt inside all day. I guess the solution is to find likeminded individuals, but the internet is a shillfest these days and most places of community IRL are shut down. They’re trying to make every man an island, and it’s working… I seriously wonder if we’re on the edge of a 1991 soviet-style collapse, but with the entire world. It all seems like a house of cards, yet it continues to stand day after day.

People are gradually speaking out more and more, but the pressure of not wanting to endanger or harm others is very strong. But now that we know that covid isn’t that strong of a disease, that should’ve been the end of it. Returning to normal, like Norway/Finland/Denmark did. Sanity.

What we’re seeing now is a bunch of rulers “not letting a crisis go to waste” and they’re basically stealing tens of billions of dollars as fast as they can, while pumping out propaganda in the media to keep everyone fearful of a disease that isn’t that bad, and afraid of their fellow humans so they can’t cooperate or work together.

I don’t know what to do other than wait it out at this point. I keep saying what I think is right on forums, even in the face of a lot of social shaming. I think the pro-mandate people need to be shamed more, because that’s not happening enough, because people are too on-the-fence because the situation is so genuinely confusing.

But the data is becoming more and more clear, and it’s almost like the internet is splitting in half. Two separate narratives, two separate ideologies each seeing the other as invalid… Throw in the dehumanizing language and we’ve got problems.

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People are in such a state, like an angry bear. I don’t want to fight the bear. All we can do is walk away and come back later, when the bear forgets. Just keep saying the truth and planting seeds, but take care of your mental health too. Balancing the two is extremely tricky in 2021 but we must practice the balance. Knowing the truth does no good if you’re too stressed out to communicate it clearly.

Good luck out there. I hope things start to come around soon, but it’s going to take a critical mass of people saying the same thing before anything will change. The current conditions only persist because most people are still going along with it, although they’re quickly losing supporters as the effects become more clear.

I’m just baffled anyone trusts these pharma companies that were just caught creating an opioid crisis for profit, and listening to news that has been openly lying to us for decades about very important things. It blows my mind these organizations now find themselves in a position of even more power! All people had to do was ignore or shun them, but that was impossible because most people are apparently so weak they can be scared in to acting directly against their own interests while being convinced it’s a good thing. The amount of coercion happening daily is frightening, we’re literally now living in one of those oppressive countries we used to joke about in the 80s. I feel especially bad for Australia and Canada, the leadership has gone off the deep end. I feel like the Scandinavian area is the only place with any logic left, as they finally dropped all the emergency measures and are now treating it like the flu.

Thankfully Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida, are kind of doing the same. But Texas just made a law for $10k reward for ratting on people getting abortions. Getting $10k for ratting people out is some communist-level nonsense. So it’s all just kind of a fucking joke at this point. The people are not being represented in any aspect of government or industry. Our overall life expectancy is going down for the first time ever, because we’re lost control of industry and government, and literal sociopaths make up the majority of those high-level positions.

I just don’t see how more people don’t get it. Like it’s so obvious at this point… yet people are still parroting media talking points like they’re bulletproof and pushing pharma drugs that are clearly only mandated for profit (or else they would care about natural immunity and not give shots to those people, since it’s proven to work better).

I just don’t know anymore… I think there’s a silent majority, but I sure hope they become a LOT less silent, and FAST.


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