What is really happening in this election?

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by madisonsomewhere

Current status of election:

  • Biden: 225
  • Trump: 213

Current states (not called) that look like/probably will be wins:

  • North Carolina 94% counted (T +1.4%) (15 EV)
  • Georgia 94% counted (T 2.2%) (16 EV)
  • Nevada 79% counted (Biden) (6 EV)
  • Arizona 82% counted (Biden) (11 EV)
  • Alaska 31% counted (Trump) (3 EV)

Adding those states..

  • Biden: 242
  • Trump: 258

This leaves:

  • Michigan 71% counted) (T +6.4%) (16 EV)
  • Pennsylvania 74% counted) (T +12.7%) (20 EV)
  • Wisconsin 81% counted) (T +4.1%) (10 EV)


All these toss up states (MI, PA, WI) passed laws deeming they were not going to start counting mail in ballots until Election Day.

  • Michigan Governor: Gretchen Whitmer, Democratic party.
  • Pennsylvania Governor: Tom Wolf, Democratic party.
  • Wisconsin Governor: Tony Evors, Democratic party.

Why…out of….all…the states….in the…United States….is..it……left…to….these…..three…..states…?

Up to 84% of all Americans (275.5 million people) were able to vote by mail this election. 28.6 million people live in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. So, 10% of the people voting this election decided it was proper to begin counting mail-in ballots beginning on election day.

So which one is it?

  • (A) Democrats organized delayed counting procedures in order to commit voting fraud & win.
  • (B) Trump wants to stop the counting of valid ballots in order to win.
  • (C) Trump and Democrats are working together to create the appearance of a stolen election in order for people to further lose trust in the justice system and the country in order to create more unrest.
  • (D) Life is random
  • (E) None of the above




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