What Is This Place, Seriously?

by Matrix Doctor

I am an empathetic person most of the time, as I’m sure many of you are here too. I can feel people’s emotions, and sometimes it really sucks because these days lots of us are truly suffering the young, the old, and even Democrats. Notice how I’m all-inclusive here.

I volunteer at an older folks home a few hours a week. As I watch many of them dragging around their aging and broken down bodies there are times of strange awareness when I look directly, into their eyes, I find/see/experience the true soul behind the mask. Only then do I have my proof that we are amazing spiritual beings trapped here. The eyes are truly windows to the soul/energy being or whatever people want to believe we are.

The look so many give without saying a word speaks volumes of an energic soul that is confused why they are stuck in this matrix, with a vehicle that was once young, vibrant and is now basically a limited physical biological prison.

We hear incarnations stories or similar tales but do we really know this to be true? Heck we don’t even really know who’s running our world/countries, we don’t know who fixes elections, we don’t even know simple truths on this planet.

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Some claim to remember where they came from before they were born, personally, I don’t and I think it sucks. Spiritual dementia is a real thing, we all seem to have it, yet many deny it even exists. Everything we’ve learned or been indoctrinated with since birth is subjective to things we’ve made up, listened to, or been programmed with somehow.

I’m not trying to scare, anger, or make anyone depressed it’s just the way I think. I look in from the outside, and many times from different angles/levels so it allows me a chance to expand my awareness above this chaotic matrix we all struggle in and this gives me a sense of momentary peace.

I believe awareness is key. My problem with awareness is if we are truly infinite what the heck happened to all the memories and everything we have already done? I’m sure we can make up stories to comfort our spiritual dementia but does it really help, is it the truth, or more stores to soothe the state of dementia we’re in?

I don’t expect people to believe my views but thanks for listening. The Matrix Doctor has fixed nothing, but if I find a cure GLP will be the first group I’ll share it with.

-Matrix Doc


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