What it Means When the Government "Shuts Down".

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This is a classic game of cognitive dissonance. The truth is, only about 25% of the government shuts down. In this video, I explain how government funding works, and how it affects you and the Civil Servant. WARNING: If you’re a Civil Servant who rides the wave of mediocrity, you won’t like what you’re about to hear.

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5 thoughts on “What it Means When the Government "Shuts Down".

  1. How refreshing it is to have the federal monkey off our backs if only for a few hours. Very few would care if they never came back.

  2. USE it TRUMP!!!
    do the GOOD things they RECLUSE themselves over!
    Clean OUT the CONGRESSIONAL offices over the security concerns, do the recess appointments.
    BUILD the WALL while these people are OUT ON STRIKE!!!
    THEY SNOOZE we WIN!!!!

  3. This is good, the Dems can’t influence Trump over something that is outside of his principles, and the Dems will look like poo come mid-term elections. What more could you want.
    Don’t worry too much. They will be lining back up at their trough soon enough for more slop, just because they cannot do without it.
    Keep ’em coming Donald.
    Trump 2020
    Hillary for Prison

  4. “What it Means When the Government “Shuts Down”.’
    Oh, if only it meant all the paid Pentagon killers bundled up their stuff from a dozen places and went home.

  5. Here’s everything you need to know about RINOs and Democrats, they call working Americans who pay taxes “Deplorables” and illegal aliens on welfare : “Dreamers.”

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