What Liberals Think Is Really Destroying America

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Lahren: Every protest has been anti-Trump or anti-America

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3 thoughts on “What Liberals Think Is Really Destroying America

  1. the butt of the joke, Anglo American men have been the laughing stock of the world for a couple of generations now and some have lost their good sense of humor.
    fine, everyone have another good laugh as the Anglo American troops fight the world for the Zionist .
    it just ain’t funny anymore, 911 took the fun away but not the JOKES!

  2. The MAIN problem with the United States is the continuous attention which is being given to ALL the MEDIA WHORES who will say and do anything to keep themselves in the spotlight. If the MSM were not a willing partner in the plans of these people they would not remain to seem relevant for more than a few more days and life would move on. These MEDIA WHORES don’t give a flip about those who are caught up within the causes they “champion” so long as their names are mentioned in the reporting. STOP talking about them and talk about the news worthy events which are happening in the world.

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