What the Great Depression Can Teach Us About Trade Tariffs

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By Harry Dent

President Trump has promised this from the beginning. We’ve had bad trade deals with other countries for decades now.
But is slapping on tariffs the way to fix this situation?
In today’s video, I answer that question, drawing from past experiences to get to the real impact that trade tariffs have on an economy.
You can watch it now:

Of course, in the usual fashion, markets can’t seem to make up their minds how they feel about this…
When news first broke about Trumps proposed 25% tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, markets fell out of bed.
Then, when Steve Mnuchin suggested that perhaps the U.S. could work with Canada and Mexico to improve the NAFTA agreement without such tariffs, markets rallied.
And on Wednesday, on news the Gary Cohn had resigned, markets bounced between being in the red and in the green, uncertain where to settle.
It’s anyone’s guess what the markets will do next, but I can tell you that these latest tariff proposals are only the beginning.
As I talked about in my latest best seller, Zero Hour, there’s something much bigger going on here. If you haven’t already done so, read this book now.
And watch my latest video to hear what I expect to happen next.

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