What’s going on with the convoy protests in Canada?

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Answer: Canada, Mexico and the USA have or are implementing rules where travellers crossing the border must be fully vaccinated.

There is a group of truckers who don’t want to be vaccinated and decided to protest these measures by having a protest convoy. The convoy would arrived in Ottawa by the end of the week with a planned rally on Parliament Hill. Having truckers out of the workforce is expected to cause further supply chain issues across Canada.

The GoFundMe was to pay for truckers fuel, food and accommodation costs with any extra being distributed to organizations chosen by the donors. Now that the GoFundMe has reached approximately $5Mil there are questions where and how the money is going to be distributed. The GoFundMe is frozen until the organizers can demonstrate a plan for the funds.

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There are concerns that the money will be mismanaged; there are suspicions that the GoFundMe is a grift.


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