What’s with all this sudden financing?

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by GammaRisk

In over 25 public companies from GSX Techedu and Tesla to MicroStrategy, there is a sudden wave of companies raising capital through convertible bond structures and new stock issuance. Why now, why so many at once?

Could this be a way of them raking in the last bit of juice from these euphoric capital markets before the sun sets? Absolute milking of capital markets, yet no value produced. Pretty soon a lot more of these tech companies will be using only their stock as collateral for loans, employee salary and whatnot. This is incredibly reminiscent of 1999-2000.

“GSX Announces Private Placement Financing of US$ 870 Million”


“Tesla’s $5B stock offering taps skyrocketing value”


“MicroStrategy to Raise $400 Million to Buy Even More Bitcoin”



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