When did this trend start: “I’m losing so much money therefore go IPO”

by MakeoverBelly


I’m looking at prospectuses of the big tech players when they entered the public markets. I see that most of the giants everyone wants to see being created again were actually profitable when going public.

Apple, 1980, profit: 12M, revenue: 118M, S-1 link

Microsoft, 1986, profit: 17M, revenue: 85M, S-1 link

Google, 2004, profit: 63M, revenue: 390M, S-1 link

Facebook, 2011, profit: 1B, revenue: 3.7B, S-1 link

Amazon is the only exception:

Amazon, 1996, profit: -2.3B, revenue: 8.5B, S-1 link

What’s up with the current non profitable trend? When did it start?



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