When even CNN is forced to admit things look bad for Democrats, you know that things look very bad for Democrats.

STACY MCCAIN: Democrats and Media (But I Repeat Myself) Begin Midterm Pre-Mortems.

When even CNN is forced to admit things look bad for Democrats, you know that things look very bad for Democrats. Yet nobody at CNN will admit that they are part of the problem. For most of the past year, CNN has led every hour, 24 hours a day, with breathless updates from Nancy Pelosi’s J6 witchhunt committee’s “investigation” of the January 2021 Capitol riot — “a threat to our democracy!” — as if nothing else in the world was nearly as newsworthy. Hyping up this “get Trump” narrative was part of a political propaganda operation intended to distract from the Biden administration’s multitudinous failures by making Donald Trump the Emmanuel Goldstein of the midterm campaign.

And guess what? Nobody fucking cares anymore.

Did any substantial number of people outside the DC media/political bubble ever really care about the J6 “investigation”? I don’t think so.

Gas prices are still at least 75% higher than when Biden was elected, prices for many other commodities are sky-high, there may be a shortage of home heating oil this winter, and the generally catastrophic effects of “Bidenflation” have completely overwhelmed every other issue that might have mattered. Given what an awful president Biden has been, a lot of voters are thinking the Capitol rioters had a point. If they had known he was going to be this bad, everybody else would have rioted, too.

Failure has consequences, and Democrats can’t escape the verdict that voters will deliver next Tuesday. So now the question is, who to blame?

UNEXPECTEDLY! Right On Cue, Major Leftwing Pollsters Suddenly Credit the GOP with Having a Big Lead on the Democrats.

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There is a very strong suspicion among poll analysts and critics. The People’s Pundit Richard Barris mentioned it in his last podcast, though he’s mentioned it before, and many people talk about it.

They talk about major pollsters deliberately publishing polls they know for a fact oversample Democrats and are therefore just wrong, in order to please their clients (who are often leftwing media companies and their gonzo shitlib audiences).

But then, right before the election, in the last poll before voting starts, they suddenly publish a poll showing the GOP in a much better position.

Suddenly, the Democrat oversampling they’ve been doing for months just poof! vanishes.

And why do they do this? Because, when people rank pollster’s accuracy, they usually only look at the last poll conducted before the election.

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