When Should Restaurants Get a Merchant Cash Advance?

Restaurateurs often require a reliable and quick source of money to run their operations. There are only a few options that can offer them a sufficient capital in a relatively short time. One of them is merchant cash advance or revenue.

Merchant cash advance can prove to be a useful and reliable source of money for restaurants. Restaurateurs can get this type of funding with relaxed requirements and they don’t come with restrictions like other business loans. However, many restaurants owners don’t know the right time for getting this type of loan advance. In this article, we’ll share some situations where getting a merchant cash advance makes sense.

Lack of Available Capital and Liquidity

For restaurants, it is critical to have the required liquidity especially during the first few months. Studies show that several restaurants are forced to close their doors within the first year of their operations. Lack of liquid assets and capital is cited as a major reason for the failure of such restaurants.

Restaurant owners can get quick and reliable liquid capital through a revenue advance that they can use for any purpose with no questions asked. As proceeds from revenue advance can be used for any and every purpose, restaurateurs can use it for anything; from replacing old dishes and equipment to renovating the kitchen.

Restaurants should seek a revenue advance loan when they are faced with the lack of available capital and liquidity. Like any other loan, revenue advance should only be used when it’s absolutely necessary.

Emergency Capital for the Short-Term

If a piece of essential equipment in your restaurant fails and you need to replace it immediately or if the roof of your restaurant gets damaged because of a storm, you may find yourself in need of cash. You might need a quick source of emergency capital. In such situations, revenue advance can prove to be a viable solution.

If your restaurant has remittance revenue and steady cash, there won’t be any problems from the underwriters’ perspective. However, the underwriter’s perspective doesn’t reflect your restaurant’s reality.

You must ensure that you are financially capable of repaying the loan because the interest rate on merchant cash advances is higher while the duration for the repayment is shorter. You’ll get into trouble if you can’t service your debt.

Choose a Reliable Partner

Finance industry veterans say that there are many resources for business loans nowadays. It is essential for you to not only choose the right loan option but also select the right lender who understands your requirements. Not every lender is right for you. The right lending institution can help you get better rates and increase your chances of repaying the loan.

In a nutshell, when you experience the situations discussed above, consider getting a merchant cash advance from a reliable lender to ensure that the doors of your restaurant stay open!


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