When the White House YT channel forgets to disable comments.

Source: archive.org/details/you-tube-comment-section-for-press-briefing-by-white-house-covid-19-response-tea

All these comments for the covid response team video are all gone now. I haven’t seen a pro-Joe Biden comment in the comment section at all. Imagine having a president who’s main YouTube channel has comments that only talk about election fraud, Tara Reade, Kamala smoking pot, making fun of double masking, and hairy legged groping Biden, Biden’s racist gaffes, and Biden’s decline into alzhiemers. It makes sense why they want them to be removed, LOL. The Biden administration can’t keep this charade of looking decent to half the American people without censorship and the media on his side painting a good picture.

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h/t IMA-C-u-c-k


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