When There’s Blood In The Streets, There Is No Correct Price For Gold

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Lobo Tiggre interviewed on Palisade Radio

Lobo discusses the current consolidation in gold and the retesting of support levels. He cautions that some gold pundits focus too much on the supply-demand characteristics of gold while missing the bigger picture that gold is primarily a safe-haven asset. When there is blood in the streets, there is no correct price for gold.

He sees the current gold correction as an opportunity that investors should not miss, and some big names are getting involved in the marketplace. Also, investors should be aware of the current events happening in uranium and the supply issues with nickel.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – What is driving the gold market.
4:15 – Going onsite and due diligence.
8:20 – Lessons learned in investing.
12:30 – Favorite book on investing.
14:50 – This gold correction is an opportunity.


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