When Will People Wake Up to the Fact That There is Only One Political System Running Today? – Globalism

by Mark Angelides

A fraud is being perpetrated on every single one of us. We are told that we live in Representative or Parliamentary Democracies (or even Federal Republics), and that our votes choose those that will lead/represent us. But it’s over. The game is up. Enough people are now awake to the fact that the majority of “sleepers” still believe this is the world we live in. The Globalists have taken over and our votes are nothing but our signatures of compliance.
In the US, voters are presented with a Hobson’s choice of two candidates, both of whom have been selected by the party machines. The odds of an independent run are laughable and the poor sap that looks like he might even affect the outcome of a single state is demolished by the complicit media. The people do not choose their President; they choose merely which figurehead makes the speeches.
We all know this. We discuss it with our friends and family, on message boards, in the workplace etc…But many do not. They are deceived, and think that those who do believe this are either paranoid, delusional, or both. And it is up to those that are awake to help others see the truth.
Constant complaining and sarcastic posts will not in any way help “the blind” realize what is happening; the media machine is far too slick for that. But questions (posing questions, “wondering” about questions) can do what persuasion cannot. If we ask the right questions, people will wake themselves up; they will come to conclusions based on their own thought process; and this is far more convincing than anything we could ever say or do.
Some of the questions that could be asked:

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  1. Out of a pool of 100s of millions of Americans, why is it that we can take a guess at who the next candidates will be? If we are truly free to choose who we want to be President (or even House Representatives), why is it that we can with reasonable accuracy know who will run for office, who will run the campaign, and who will back which candidates years in advance?
  2. Why is it that policies and government projects continue through differing administrations despite never having been given a mandate or been mentioned on a policy platform? Take the amount of refugees that the US admits each year: this year there will be at least 105,000 “refugees” granted entry and right to remain in the US (the number is voted on in the House, but it passes without much fuss). Did any candidate say that this was their policy? Was this on any ballot paper?
  3. Why do both parties have an agreement to never mention certain things? I return to the immigration theme: Asylum seekers to the US are not counted in the “refugee numbers”. Both parties may talk about the 105,000 per year figure, but neither talk about the Asylum seeker figure…There is actually no upper limit on the amount of Asylum seekers the US can admit in a year, could be 3 or 3 million. Why does neither side discuss this?

These are just some of the questions that (I feel) show that we are living in a One Party Globalist State. If you have any suggestions for further questions, feel free to make a comment below.


23 thoughts on “When Will People Wake Up to the Fact That There is Only One Political System Running Today? – Globalism”

  1. Meet the New World Order hiding behind Judaism .. Once it is understood Communism and Zionism are both trees split from the same trunk and the same root system, the picture becomes clearer. Both had the same goal: World Domination. Which one won? Putin, a Christian, stopped the ZioCON/Communists looting of Russia and, when he started to prosecute them, they fled to Israel. Today they’ve shifted their focus to the USA and, and in addition to looting the USA, they’re bringing their Iron Curtain police state down on us. Until Trump, at the risk of being called an anti-Semite, gets the courage to do what Putin did and toss the ZioCON/Communists out of the USA, the USA will continue its’ downhill slide and, if they ever get the guns, millions of Christians will die, just like they did to the Christians in Russia.

  2. Here is a question. Why do the Repubs pretend to be against the Dems and yet they never seem to do anything but allow the Dems to have their way?


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