When Your Politics Are Tragic, There’s No Alternative

Democrats turn tragedy into politics.

Democrats always politicize gun violence, but after the tragic attacks in Dayton and El Paso, they do not just want to take away our guns, they also want to take away our freedom of speech. President Trump was right when said in his address to the nation last week that the people lost in these attacks must not die in vain. The only way that could actually happen, though, is if Democrats take away our freedoms in response.

After every tragic mass shooting, Democrats come out with the same litany of talking points. They talk about assault weapons bans, give misleading statistics of gun violence rates, and push to declare a national emergency. They blame the National Rifle Association and Republican lawmakers for the crimes committed by sick monstrous individuals, and they seek to punish the millions of law abiding gun owners in this country by taking away their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Democrats followed that script to the letter after the latest tragedies, but they also went a step further than they have in the past by threatening the freedom of speech of all Americans. During the recent Democratic presidential primary debate in Detroit, Senator Elizabeth Warren outlined the plan before the shootings even happened. “We need to call out white supremacy for what it is,” Warren said, deeming it “domestic terrorism” and asserting that “it poses a threat to the United States of America.”

For Democrats, however, “white supremacy” is little more than a catch all term they use to shame those who disagree with them into silence. By slapping President Trump and his supporters with the same label as the El Paso shooter, Democratic politicians and the liberal media seek to blur the line between those who commit acts of grotesque violence and those who simply oppose their radical policy agenda.

Today in our country, it is routine for Democrats to deride mainstream policies they disagree with as “racist,” “white nationalist,” or “white supremacist.” They have been calling President Trump those names for more than three years. They say that Fox News is white supremacist. In his article responding to the El Paso shooting, New York Times columnist Charles Blow called Republicans racist white supremacists.

Democrats like their opposition disarmed and silenced. Because that’s how leftists are.



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