While Oregon is busy appealing to narcotics users, baby killers, and illegal aliens…

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… they are simultaneously busy taxing people into perdition with one insane new tax after another, while divesting them of their natural rights to self defense. I can easily understand why they want to disarm people they are continually tightening the thumbscrews on.
You might or might not be familiar with the last unconstitutional outrage here, SB 719, which is now LAW, and enables relatives, cohabitants, or any law enforcement officer to DECLARE you “dangerous”, and fill out an “ERPO” (Extreme Risk Protection Order) on you without your knowledge (“Ex Parte”).
With no charges, no crime, no trial, no due process, and in TOTAL violation of 4 different sections of the Oregon State Constitution, as well as the United States Constitution, you don’t know what’s going on until they show up at your doorstep, demanding that you relinquish all “dangerous” objects, or be arrested.
Yes… This includes bats, knives, and hammers. I kid you not. A ballpoint pen might even qualify.
So if THIS ^^^ isn’t enough to make your blood boil as an conservative law abiding Oregonian, try this on for size.
Look up Oregon HB 4145, set to undergo a Kangaroo hearing (they all are) this Wednesday in Salem at 1PM.
Now this is a ways off from being passed, but we have never been able to stop ANY gun bills over the last 20 years from becoming law here, so what are the chances this one will be any different? The whole state is run by the LOONS of the communist infested I-5 corridor.
Now get this…
If you have ever had a restraining order filed on you, even if it was 50 years ago, you will completely lose your gun rights. Even though 45% of all restraining orders are totally unjustified, and are used as weapons by many people against each other.
You do not have to have violated a restraining order, but merely had one FILED on you at any time in the past or present.
HB 4145, requested by communist “governor” Kate Brown, vastly expands the category of people who will be prohibited from owning firearms.
People in other states may make jokes, thinking this is funny, but considering the blood, sweat, and tears that it took from other people to win the freedoms that we so casually piss away, this is not a joking matter for ANY American.

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