Whistleblower Who Claimed the FBI is Hoaxing White Terror Comes Forward

by Chris Black

A whistleblower from the FBI was claiming that the Biden Administration is pressuring the agency to fake white terrorism to justify the administration’s attacks on patriotic white people.

Speaking out on Tucker Carlson on Monday, Rep. Jim Jordan claimed, among other things, that the FBI had stopped hunting child sex perverts in order to focus on the non-existent threat of white terrorism.

On Wednesday, Tucker did a follow-up on the story with the New York Post’s Miranda Devine, who revealed the identity of the whistleblower as Steve Friend, a FBI SWAT member who says that the entire Bureau has become totally politicized and is now singularly fixated on hunting whites.


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Friend, 37, has been in the FBI for 12 years, and is apparently just now realizing that the organization is evil and totally controlled by Jewish decrees.

Better late than never I guess.

We are going into a full-Bolshevik type society, where an authoritarian government is fully able to do anything to anyone at any time. 

We’ve been on a path of losing freedoms for a long time, but this recent move by the Biden Administration is an extreme escalation and we are entering into a new form of techno-tyranny.


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