WHO provides update on COVID-9 outbreak.

The World Health Organization is expected to provide an update on COVID 19 virus as the number of cases worldwide surpasses 87,000 with more than 80,000 cases in China alone.

“Not a pandemic”

“this virus is NOT influenza”

“we are in uncharted territory and never seen a pathogen like this”

“We have no vaccine, no treatment, no idea about transmission or about death rates. we dont know how COVID 19 behaves. It does not behave like influenza”

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“Buy us time… buy us time… buy us time”
“History will tell who’s right or who’s wrong but we cant miss this opportunity to do something about it. So let’s get on with it!”

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“We have to give it our best in regards to containment”

“No matter what it will be… pandemic or not”

“Most countries will struggle if they have a lot of patients in Intensive Care”

“After this epidemic is over we can go back and see where did we go wrong, where could we be more transparent”


h/t xOpheliac