WHO’S DOING THE ABANDONING? Border Patrol Agents Just Rescued a Six and Three-Year-Old in the DESSERT

It’s ironic that the left is having a fit because of the separated families when they have no clue about why they were separated and what is being one to make sure the safety of the child is first. DNA samples are being done to make sure the person with the child is the parent and background checks are being done to make sure no sexual predators are taking children. This takes time.

What you’re NOT hearing about is the TRUE abandonment of small children by smugglers in the hot dessert. The border patrol says they deal with this every day! What kind of parent sends their child alone with a stranger to travel through the hot dessert?


There may be no better story than this one to illustrate the challenges our country faces as illegal immigrants or smugglers (or both) try to penetrate the U.S. border unlawfully — and cruelly use children in the process.


That day, a child was found by himself in the scorching desert.

In a photo taken by the agent who spotted him, the boy is shown sitting by himself on a berm alongside a dirt road. It was 101 degrees that day, but the child wore a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

The little boy carried a large backpack and a zippered tote, reported AZ Central. He also carried a plastic Coke bottle that was less than a quarter full — the only drink he had. He had no food at the time Border Control rescued him.



EDINBURG, Texas – Yesterday, McAllen agents rescued a three year old separated from her mother by smugglers and abandoned in the river.

In the early afternoon hours, the McAllen Station received information from Hidalgo Port of Entry regarding possible illegal aliens underneath the bridge. As agents responded, they encountered a female claiming that her three-year-old daughter was missing. She stated that the guide/smuggler crossed her into the US alone. Then, as the smuggler attempted to cross her daughter, she observed them both drifting down river as she lost sight of them. She could not see if they had returned to Mexico or if her child drifted away by herself.

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Harlingen Border Patrol Station riverine units and a National Guard helicopter deployed to the area in search of the child. Agents located the child walking on the river road and immediately checked the child for injuries before reuniting her with the mother. The child was unharmed and not in need of medical assistance.

From October 1, 2107, to June 30, 2018, the Rio Grande Valley Sector has rescued 1157 people, an increase of 53% when compared to last year.


EDINBURG, Texas – Border Patrol agents across the Rio Grande Valley arrested two Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang members, an 18th Street gang member, and two men previously charged with sex offenses against children.

On Thursday, July 5, Weslaco Border Patrol agents arrested a Honduran national near Edinburg, Texas. It was later discovered the man had a previous conviction for sexual assault of a child and had been ordered removed from the United States.

Simultaneously near Hidalgo, Texas, Weslaco agents apprehended a Salvadoran national who made a claim of fear to being deported back to his native country. During processing, it was confirmed the man is an member of the MS-13 gang.

On Friday, agents arrested a Mexican man near Rio Grande City, Texas as he attempted to enter the United States illegally. The man’s criminal history revealed a previous conviction for having sex with a minor and was sentenced to 100 days confinement and 36 months’ probation. Furthermore, the man was previously removed from the United States.

Saturday, Kingsville agents arrested a Salvadoran national near Sarita, Texas. Record checks confirmed that he is an MS-13 gang member.

On Sunday, Weslaco agents arrested a Mexican man near Progreso, Texas, whose record checks revealed he was linked to the Zetas cartel and spent three years in prison for his involvement in the murder of a Mexican national.

Later that day, agents encountered a group of 15 illegal aliens attempting to circumvent the checkpoint south of Sarita, Texas. During processing, it was discovered that one of the subjects, a Mexican national, is a member of the 18th street gang.



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