Whose sanctions are they anyway?

by John Ward

Now that Putin has come back to bite the hand that needs him, does EUNATO have a Plan B on Ukraine and chronic energy inflation? By turns both satirical and scathing, The Slog reveals the reality of a giant geopolitical cock-up by Washington and Brussels.

This at first sight anodyne email arrived at my inbox yesterday morning (Sunday):

The translation of this appeal is, ‘Cold snap coming, let’s all adopt energy-saving gestures’. What nice chaps these EDF people are, I mused: there was I, slagging them off for placing giant concrete pylons on my land without asking, and insisting I fit consumption meters that are glorified spies. Obviously, they want me – as an eighth decade pensioner running out of steam – to keep warm and not tire myself out doing it.

This was just the sort of advice I craved….straight out of the movie Airplane – “Assume crash positions”:

*Turn the radiators up full blast – this requiring only the use of thumb and forefinger.

Better still, shuffle over to the boiler, and turn the thermostat up to 90°C – ignoring the radiators forever thereafter.

*Buy a car. Eminently good place to keep warm as it doesn’t cost you anything, and on reaching a hill you can switch the engine on and make full use of all that cheap petrol that’s available thanks to the Covid19 slump.

*Go to bed with a great-looking babe and get so sweaty, afterwards all you want to do is open all the windows and go to sleep. Go for a pee a little later. Fart some warming H2S into the atmosphere. Pee again later still. Fart vigorously. Wonder why the babe isn’t there in the morning.

*Turn all the clocks in the house forward by three hours, thus allowing you an additional three more hours of guilt-free sleep. Repeat operation in morning, enabling Time travel without any energy expenditure at all. e = mc2? Eat your heart out.

*Fit Stennah Stair lift to go UPstairs, and then playground slide to go DOWNstairs. Be the envy of your friends and set a whole new standard in eccentric saving of kilojules and wasted space.

*Sit down more and stop cooking. No more slaving over a hot stove….simply shake up a bag of regular crisps and iceberg lettuce, and share your menopausal wife’s hot flushes with an occasional hug. Watch the TV all day and just see how heated up you get about everything!

But instead of this really cool advice, what EDF told me was….

Or in English…

I’m sure you’re about to spot the join anyway, but this is where the post takes a sharp turn in the direction of serious. The first underlining I’ve added in red above shows just how insanely euphemistic the captured Western State has become.

“Tension” What is this tension – cables shrunk by unseasonably low temperatures? Pre-menstrual tension? Three billion late baby-boomers without access to menopausal hormone therapy? No.

The French State is alerting me to the fact that the additional cold temperatures are going to make it difficult for the generation of enough electricity in the coming days. Forget any silly ideas about this being unrelated to EUNATO’s attempted bullying of Vladimir Putin. He will get the blame – but the blame here lies with American Secret State hegemonists who now find themselves outwitted by a geopolitical class chess-player several leagues above them.

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If you want to really understand the mealy-mouthed nature of our “leaders”, take note of the next underlined EDF extract, ‘Everything is being done to ensure the supply of electricity’. Well, if everything is being done, are we not allowed to assume as tax-paying citizens that the supply of electricity will not be affected – for our masters are in control, aren’t they?

But wait for it….here comes the contradiction: we are being quite openly asked to restrict our use of electricity this Monday morning because ‘this is the time when the electricity system will be under the most strain’.

Take a few minutes out to consider this situation carefully. France is the most nuclear-generative electricity nation in Europe. But in this coming cold spell, it will have to call upon every last form of generation available. Under pressure from Germany and Brussels, it has not exceeded the 70% dependence on nuclear….indeed, it has been cajoled into a commitment to lower that. All this, of course, is the outcome of Hollywood Jane Fonda BS designed to suggest that down the nuclear path lies Armageddon.

The situation for Germany is considerably more serious, thanks to Merkel’s bonkers commitments to the Green Party. Only 12% of German electricity is nuclear generated – Germany is in fact more dependent on wind, that most capricious of all things meteorological.

In short, EUNATO spectacularly failed (before poking its nose into the Russian energy nest) to establish whether it was bringing pressure to bear on Moscow….or the other way round.

Over in Washington, the Bidenites have been trying to tap middle Eastern and south American sources to replace the EUNATO shortfall. The most polite thing one can say about that policy today is that it isn’t going terribly well.

But there are even more methods via which champion escapologist Vladimir Putin now has his opponents well and truly trussed up.

This is where currency valuations and ties to both energy and precious metals come into play…..and why try as I might, I can’t help admiring President Putin: he is just so damn much smarter than EUNATO.

Thanks to the blatant censoring of State online medium Russia Today, many of you will not easily be able to get the station on your pc at the moment. If you install Brave as a browser, you can get it using the BillyGates Bing nonsense. This is what you’ll discover:

  1. Vlad has already linked the value of the Ruble to the price of Russian energy, and to get that energy, you have to pay in Rubles.
  2. Now – using the Russian Central Bank – he has also linked the currency’s level to the price of gold. So he is more protected than he was when it comes to repaying debt and he has restricted the Dollar’s ability to pull funny business on the value of gold and just to be on the double-safe side, as the trading currency for gold is the Buck, that effectively ties the Ruble to the US currency. (On March 25th, you could get 100 rubles to the US$ – that number is 80 today)
  3. In short, Russian natural gas is now linked via the ruble to gold and the Dollar. This means gold will likely get stronger (thank you Putin, I want to have your babies), hampers the NWO’s ability to manipulate that price, and makes a Russian default considerably less likely than it was.

In the longer term, it looks like Moscow’s plan is to have a portfolio of hybrid currencies (there is already the Ruble-Rupee) tied to precious metals and energy prices. And that too is bound to disable evil schemes involving everything from Dollar hegemony to digitalisation of currency and Schwabian plans to make us all happy by being broke.

For the time being, however, this is the military bottom line: the EUNATO sanctions are backfiring bigtime, and the central players in that are in a deep hole (Germany) and warning us about gas and oil rationing (France)….just as the Boy King wants to get reelected. Bearing in mind the last Slogpost about Russian liberation of naughty French biolabs in Ukraine, President Macron now finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Furthermore, the NATO alliance is going to come under a great deal of strain. Thanks to NWO energy inflation jiggery-pokery, the creeping East European ambitions of EUNATO, and the econo-fiscal suicide of the viruvaccine Psy-Op, the average Janets and Johns in the West face some a-hard rains that gonna fall.

It’s no good blaming Rasputin, because ninety per cent of this nightmare was already in place before the Pentagon started paying Zelensky to break the wobbly Eastern Ukraine ceasefire on an hourly basis. All Vlad the Impaler has done is accelerate the progress towards dystopia.

I realise that this fact will stick in many a craw, but quite frankly, as far as the ordinary jab-evader in the First World is concerned, Vladimir Putin is by far the best ally we’ve got. He is, let’s be clear about it, the only ally we’ve got.

I put this image up at the Home Page of this blog at its inception twelve years ago:

When are we going to get these maniacs off our backs?


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