Why are Brits in favour of shared wealth creation such fans of the Wholly Mammon Empire?

by John Ward

Throughout all the shenanigans surrounding our Brexit negotiations with Brussels, the bizarre axis of Corbynista-Blairite-Tory Remainers has never once been willing to confront the reality of the EU as an élite globalist club wherein the power lies with the Few not the Many. The Slog sets out in evidenced detail how Europe is being run, and why this can only lead to a mediaeval model of serfdom in the medium term.


The FT says that Armistice Day this weekend ‘will give President Macron the chance to push back against nationalism’. It’s official: nationalism is bad.

I’m not going to go off on one about what a dreadful pile of superficial, untutored rubbish the Fanatical Chimes has become in recent years. I merely point out that globalism and religion are far worse global safety threats than nationalism; there has been no war in Europe since 1945 because of nuclear weapons, not the EU; the behaviour of the EC in Greece makes Viktor Orban seem like Shirley bloody Temple by comparison; and over 50% of all senior Brussels apparatchicks have been doozies rejected by their own electorates. (Dijjselbloem, Brittan, Kinnock, Mandelson, Van Rompuy, Tusk ad nauseam)

But the point about the Pinkun’s silly prediction (although it’s probably right) is that, in some people’s eyes, power has already shifted from Germany towards France following the Untergang of Mutti and her three-wheeled immigration bandwagon. For Macronapoleon, the road to the European throne is now clear.


Not many people are worried about such things, I suspect. The fact that the European Union is turning into a rerun of the Holy Roman Empire and the Divine Right of Kings doesn’t occur to them, because their knowledge of history – beyond “socialism” – is at best sketchy and at worst abysmal. Given the derivation of Emmanuel I’s success – he is a former Rothschild executive backed massively by banking money – the only name change required will be to call it The Wholly Mammon Empire: the divine right of Queen Brigitte has already been established.

The original Napoleon, you will remember, fought for a revolution about the brotherhood of man, equality and freedom. Within ten years, he was an Emperor fitting the heads of his siblings and other relatives into the Crowns of Europe by conquest. Only his utter defeat by a British-led Grand Alliance returned democracy to Europe in 1815.

Acclaim based on military exploits is a tried and tested boulevard heading straight for La Place de désastre. You will no doubt have spotted the alacrity with which Macron bombed Syria – along with his erstwhile partner in crime, Theresa May. Mrs May too is in her position as a result of acclaim. Cameron’s predecessor Gordon Brown took the same route to power. It’s at this point one begins to see Hungarian leader Viktor Orban’s point when he says, “If this is your idea of liberal democracy, you can shove it”.

May is in the throes of leaving behind the biggest constitutional sovereignty mess in British history. Brown left behind the biggest sovereign liabilities debt in our history. So clearly, acclaim is the way to go.

Equally notable today, however, is that Mother Theresa is heading towards Paris for another grovelling session with Macron on Brexit, not Berlin. She personally detests EC President Juncker, but he no longer counts either: he’s to be replaced at the end of his term by Manfred Weber, the man chosen personally by Geli Merkel to be the next EU President. In the EU you see, it’s “one citizen, one vote”. Merkel was the one citizen with the one vote. To make it all look reasonably processed, the European People’s Party “approved” Weber’s acclaim via a vote of Party MEPs. No “People” as such were involved in any shape or form. It’s just like the Chinese People’s Republic, really. Well no – actually, it is exactly like the CPR.

I think you may well have spotted the trend by now: there are just a few thrones on offer, and to make some kind of a claim, a person needs acclaim. There are in fact three thrones of any real importance: the most powerful EU member State leader, President of the European Commission, and President of the European Central Bank. Currently, the acclaim involved in choosing the anointed ones came from Party wrangles in one country, a former DDR Youth Leader, and Goldman Sachs. The same person did the claiming and acclaiming for two-thirds of that line-up.

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For the next terms, the acclaim will consist of Rothschilds Bank, an unterganged former DDR Youth Leader, and the man chosen by Rothschild Bank. If, that is, you believe like me that Francois Villeroy de Galhau (a Frenchman) will be pushed hard by Macron as a bulwark against Manfred Weber, and chosen in preference to Erkki Liikanen, a Finn with a neo-Jihadist stance on the question of austerity cuts.

Whoever gets the job, (a) there will not be a vote of any kind and (b) it will be an existing EC Gauleiter fiscal bureaucrat banker. The democracy just goes on and on. And as for the accountability thing, forget it: the ECB President is answerable to nobody. 


There now: Wholly Mammon Empire doesn’t seem quiet such an “extreme” Brexiteer opinion now, does it? But the analysis above – while in my view entirely empirical – would be regarded by committed UK Remainers as blasphemously unacceptable. All those Brits with the power of discernment must surely be worried that perhaps a third of the entire nation seems not so much unable as unwilling to take on board an existential reality.

I shall go further: Josef Stalin – the man of steel who bashed and hammered the nascent USSR into a Hell-hole of idolatrous and inhuman anarchy – once said, “It is not the votes that count, but rather who counts the votes”. He would have wholeheartedly approved of the European Union, because there never are any votes to count in the first place. Even if Soviet citizens only ever had one person to vote for, not even ol’ Smokin’ Joe succedded in eradicating votes completely. But when it comes to genuine power, that is exactly what the Brussels architects have achieved.

OK, so there are soon to be more EU “elections”. But two things need to be borne in mind about the votes involved in them. First, they are almost never a majority of the electorate, because interest levels are low; and second, once elected, the MEPs have no say at all in the formulation of European policy. That’s all done by functionaries who have never been elected to any position in their lives – with the possible exception of Treasurer of a local darts, petanque, football or bridge team.

The level of MEP opposition to EC directives (I italicise that word because it has to be the most blatant Freudian slip of all time) is homoaeopathic – and at times, openly corrupt.

Indeed, only one Member State Parliament has ever had the audacity to hold a referendum on EU membership, and that is our fatally flawed assembly of gravy-trainers in the United Kingdom. Even this was allowed only thanks to pressure placed upon a weak and aimless Prime Minister. It’s result – a majority in favour of leaving the EU – is now an event over two years old. The child is still unable to walk, while its every plea for the right to talk has been drowned by clamours for inaction from people who insist that what’s required is a People’s Vote on the issue.

Oggle dibble akkle drivel upple aggle gobble.

The only thing of which we can be certain is that, when the EU collapses as the result of vainglorious stupidity, hopeless debt and internal strife, it will all be “Brexit’s fault”.  Even if Brexit never actually happens. That really would be a surreal miracle, would it not?

But those opposed to the Belgian bombast do not need any kind of miracle. The existence of implacable Hungarian, Polish and Italian resistance is more than enough to destroy the airborne castle that is a federal Europe. No: what’s required now is some tough British resolve to act as a catalyst for that process, and reject any Brexit deal that isn’t a complete restoration of our Sovereign independence.

Will it emerge? Stay tuned.


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