Why aren’t more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposing party?

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● Shot: Why aren’t more Never Trumpers willing to support the opposing party?

—Jonathan Chait of the Chick-fil-A-hating New Yorker, today.

● Chaser: ‘WTF’? Protesters at Philly Starbucks show how NOT to win hearts and minds.

Twitchy, today.

Local Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif, left, stands inside a Starbucks, Sunday April 15, 2018, demanding the firing of the manager who called police resulting the arrest of two black men on Thursday. The arrests were captured on video that quickly gained traction on social media. (AP photo and caption.)

Shades of Occupy Wall Street terrorizing minimum wage bank tellers in 2011 because they hated Citibank for some reason. As Stephen Miller tweets today, in his “Extreme Attenborough voice, ‘Very rarely is the subconscious transformation of a live specimen into Trump voter ever caught on film in the wild, so this is such a rare special treat to behold.’”

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Oh, and since we’ve already had the shot and chaser, we might as well have the hangover:

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said Monday he will require store managers to undergo training to address “unconscious bias” after the arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia location sparked online outrage and protests.

That seems so odd — it was just three years ago that Johnson’s predecessor assured us that Starbucks’ employees would be missionaries tasked with immanentizing the eschaton by enlightening their customers on all issues race-related.

Twitchy notes that on Twitter, “Photo of Philly Starbucks protester with megaphone kicks off caption contest.”  Share yours in the comments below.

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