Why Biden is a return to form, and a war with Iran benefits those in power.

by OperativeTracer

Iran is the next big war. Here is why:

Long story short, Iran is basically an enemy of Israel, one of our only “reliable” friends in the Middle East. So that’s already one thing that makes them an enemy of ours. Second, the US government believes Iran supplies weapons and training to terrorist to fight and attack US allies. So basically, they wont go to war with us, but they will give guns to stupid teenagers in war torn countries to attack us. Third, is that they really want to build their own nukes. We (and everyone) do NOT want that.

Basically, they are an enemy of the US in pretty much every way, except they know to not push the boundary too far.

Two incidents have happened this year.

1: At the beginning of 2020, an Iran general named Soleimani was killed in a US drone strike (we publicly said we did it) after a US Embassy was destroyed in Bagdad. The US gov said that he was a major Iranian leader in supporting and leading terrorism against the US, and that Iran better keep its dogs under control. They responded by bombing a US military base, and we basically said “We are even.”

2: An Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated while under heavy protection, and was killed by a machinegun turret (no human operator) and after competing it’s mission self destructed. Now, this guy was extremely important in Irans nuclear weapons program. If he died, it would be set back by years. Now, there aren’t that many groups in the world (gov and other more illegal groups) who can field precisely accurate machinegun turrets that have no need to be human controlled, as well as blowing it up as an added middle finger. Nobody stepped forward to claim responsibility, but Iran claims Mossad (Israel CIA, but 10x worse) was responsible. Thing is, pretty much everyone wants to keep nukes out of anybody’s hands but their own, so it could have been anybody really.

So, yeah. We are already each others enemies in all but name, and we have already slapped each other to make a point.

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Now, as to why the establishment would want to go to war with Iran, it’s twofold.

1: We can crush them militarily fairly easily, and would remove an enemy of the US from the map. No more salty looks at the UN, we can just be done with a thorn in our side.

Second, you probably don’t know fully what the 9/11 attacks did to us, and why the big guys miss it. After 9/11, the government gained a TON of power overnight because of fear. The Patriot Act was passed quickly, and without much (if any) review. It gave the government the ability to spy and collect everything a citizen did, as well as giving the CIA the ability to torture enemies to gain information.

As well as many who questioned the bill and the expansion of the CIA/NSA being labeled as “traitors” and unpatriotic. Essentially, it became us vs them overnight, and we demonized the enemy so much that questioning the government became..well…not encouraged.

You can see this effect in pretty much every movie and game from the 200’s to mid 200’s, where every enemy is a brown arab evil guy.

Honestly, when we had a enemy that was far enough away that we didn’t have to see them as human, and a fresh memory of an attack to fuel us, we gave the government as much power as they wanted so long as they “went after the bad guys”. We gave them a blank check because we had an enemy we hated.

The past few years has seen a massive decline in support for those endless wars, as well as many more people beginning to question the government and the authority we gave it. So, having an enemy not only gives them more power from the American people as we want them to “protect us”, it also benefits the military industrial complex. If we get into another conflict, suddenly they get billions of dollars for tanks, guns, jets and what have you. The establishment benefits because they get more power over the American people in the name of “security” and the military industrial complex gains billions. That is why a war benefits them.


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