Why Can’t Americans Just Go Along With Quarantines Like Those Orderly Chinese?

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Chaos in Shanghai!100k quarantined

Shanghai airport is plunged into chaos after a ‘worker tested positive for Covid-19 prompting Hazmat-clad staff to herd THOUSANDS of people into basement for testing before they make bid for freedom.’

  • Hazmat suit-clad airport staff were filmed pushing against a massive crowd
  • Were being forced into basement area inside Shanghai’s international airport
  • But, amid fears of mandatory 14-day quarantine, the group tried to escape

An airport in China was plunged into chaos last night after a worker tested positive for Covid-19 prompting officials to order airport-wide testing, witnesses claim.

Hazmat suit-clad staff were filmed herding a huge crowd into a basement area inside Shanghai Pudong International Airport in the country’s financial hub.

But, amid fears of mandatory 14-day quarantine, the group staged a mass bid for freedom.

They were filmed pushing as the officials – wearing plastic face shields – linked arms to keep them in line.


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