Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Dear Martin,
I am a frequent follower of your blog. I read your article tonight “ Putin puts Bidens King check mate”
Being an economist myself with 30 years of experience I completely agree with your proposals of a two tier Ruble. I would fine tune it even further by backing the international ruble up with oil/gas and the domestic with Gold as you said!

This would be a genius move in my opinion. Thank you for your work and keep up the very insightful Job you are doing! I personally appreciate it a lot- quite frankly I only read …. & You 🙂 Everything else is pure “ Mass psychosis influenser propaganda” backing a Political agenda. Good luck in sending the right advise to Russia! Not because I lőve Russia being a Hungarian but because supplying Russia with Smart financial and economic advise will bring restoration of peace ASAP which is the interest of the whole world!

See also  Does anyone else think we may actually be further along in the collapse than people realize?

Kind Regards,


REPLY: Thank you. That is a good idea for we are dealing with the catastrophic collapse of the monetary system of the world. I do not think this will end well. It is ironic, but I try to defeat my own computer. I have never won yet. In the words of Rodney King – Why can’t we just all get along?


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