Why Covidism is more dangerous than Communism

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By Chris Black

With one notable exception, the two scourges resemble each other like two drops of blood.

 The Great Reset is a colossal plan that seeks to fundamentally change the world. The promoters of the Great Reset – theorists, political leaders, business leaders and activists – call for the use of the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to bring about this global revolution.

Thus, the health crisis is ideologized. Politically charged. COVID becomes Covidism. There are many similarities between Covidism and Communism.

Both aspire to establish a New World Order, presented as Heaven on Earth.

Covidism, like communism, dreams of creating a New Man to rule the New World. 

Although both ideologies monkey Creationism, they repudiate any transcendent relationship and revelation. God does not exist. The Old Man, having as parents Darwin and the Primordial Soup, recreates himself, in an improved version, turning into a New Man.

Through this process of self-renewal, he also restores the surrounding world, degraded by the Old Man. Scientific materialism is the tutelary principle of covidism, just like in communism. Science is the only certainty. God is only a delusion, an idyllic and old-fashioned construct. Religion has been decreed the opium of the masses and must remain so.

The emancipated and advanced “caste”, the first to be penetrated by these luminous ideas, forms the elite that assumes the mission of creating the New Man and the New World; the NWO Nomenclature so to speak.

Because of his original sin, the New Man and the New World cannot be born without pain. This determines the Old Man’s natural tendency to oppose the new system. To struggle it.  To protest it.

The elites – yesterday’s communist and today’s covidist – must not be impressed. The doctor is the only one who knows what treatment must be applied to heal the world. Tikkun Olam. Even if it hurts.

The treatment must be applied even against the will of the sick Old Man. The greater the suffering, the more it is a sign that the treatment is taking effect.

Just like religion, democracy is also proving to be outdated. It is absurd for a primitive  Old Man to have the same decision-making power as a New Man, from the enlightened elite.

Therefore, the Old Man delegates to the New Man the political power until the end of the Revolution-Reset. When there will be only New People on the face of the Earth, then equality will be restored naturally.

The Old Man is linked to the forms of the past: family, homeland, church. He clings to them reflexively, like a newborn clutching his mother’s finger with his small fists. These shadows of the past must disappear. The connection with them must be destroyed. The New Man must be entrusted to a Surrogate Mother with a high civic conscience. This is the new Elite.

The New Man, without family, country, church, loves the whole Earth, not just pieces of it. Covidism, like communism, is internationalist. 


Following the communist model, covidism also wants the elimination of private property and money.

Private property will be liquidated once unsustainable debt ceilings are reached. Individuals will go bankrupt like companies. They will thus become totally dependent on the New Order. Only those who obey and are useful will survive. They will become a New Man. Old people will be considered scraps and eliminated in various ways.

The money will continue to exist, for a transitional period, until the liquidation of the property. Only electronic money, perfectly controllable by the state.

After personal bankruptcy, individuals will receive a guaranteed income (UBI) with which to rent the necessities of life. Failure to comply with the New Order will result in penalties, following the model of the Chinese Social Credit System.

The teacher explains to the students what communism will be like:

“There will be no more money. In every market, there will be a huge pile of potatoes. Anyone can go there at any time to get as many potatoes as they want. Do you understand, children? ” – “Comrade, but I don’t like potatoes!” – “You’ll like it, Johnny, you’ll like it…”

After the bankruptcy of individuals and most companies – crushed by a few transnational corporations chosen by the Elite – it will be the turn of the national states. Suffocated by debt, with economies blocked by lockdown, the first countries to default will soon emerge. Along with what is left of their national wealth, they will come into the possession of creditors: the Elite.

Greece-2015 was a successful experiment.

In the absence of the titular owners, the states will disappear. A great world government will be created, consisting of the most successful copies of New People. His role: to build the New World on the ruins of the Old World. Much brighter and much more beautiful. 

Build Back Better.

Covidism and communism are imposed by fear and terror. Here is the fundamental difference between them.

True to dialectical and historical materialism, communism resorted to a so-called “material” terror. The oppression was physical: from forced labor on construction sites and torture in the basements of the security apparatus (STASI, KGB), to hunger and cold in the houses, terror mainly targeted the body.

People could socialize in communism.

 They visited each other, had parties, got married, had kids etc. Theatres, cinemas, restaurants were open. No matter how questionable the program and the menu were, no matter how cold it was in the halls and how relentless the censorship was, people enjoyed the opportunity to go out.

Although a few were demolished, the churches were permanently open. They continued to provide religious assistance: to baptize, to crown, to bury Christians. The communist regime did not dare to meddle in the typical church ritual and change it. 

No apparatchik, no matter how troglodyte, went as crazy as to say that Communion makes him sick and Baptism kills.


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