Why Did Trump do a Deal with the Democrats on Funding the Government?

by Mark Angelides

On Wednesday, an agreement was made between President Trump and leading Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on a “short-term bump” in raising the debt ceiling. Major Republican players are extremely annoyed that the president seems to have completely cut them out of this and just gone his own way.
And here’s the thing, Trump was most likely right to do this. He has not had much support from Republicans for his policies and he has had zero support from Democrats or the MSM. He may just have found a way to deal with both in one small meeting.
The deal was cut ostensibly to allow funds for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, but there is a much bigger picture behind this.
Firstly, Trump has been lambasted by the press for not getting things done, he just has, and it’s for funding that not even the most anti-Trump anchor can give him criticism for. By being the guy to “take the hit” for getting relief money out there, he has become “bullet proof” from media attacks (at least on this decision). It is the Democrats and the Republicans who now look like obstructionists on necessary relief funds.
Secondly, Trump was elected, in part, because he is seen as a “deal maker.” Well, he’s made a deal alright. He went in with his own agenda and did what he thought was best. Republicans may not like it, but then they don’t like anything that does not give them the overall power, anyway.
Thirdly, this was most likely not about just the relief efforts. Trump wants Tax Reform on the table and with participants in the discussion who “owe him a favour.” Marc Short, the White House legislative director, said that “We believe that it’s something to clear the deck,” and would allow Congress to “focus on tax reform for the American people.”
And finally, President Trump has been painted by the media as someone caught between two parties that hate him. And whilst this is probably true, he has shown the Republican critics (who have refused to support him) that he can get along without them. By not being partisan in this, he has reduced their power over him. The GOP would like to believe that the president can only act with the GOP consent, but they are so mired in the idea of partisan politics, that they forgot that there was another party waiting.
This decision may not be popular with anyone, but at the very least, he is showing that he can break deadlocks and get things moving. I say give him a chance.

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8 thoughts on “Why Did Trump do a Deal with the Democrats on Funding the Government?”

  1. Nope. I say he’s already had his chance, about three times, with Repeal and Replace Obamacare on Day One. Quickest lame duck in quite a while, get him out. Pence will accomplish less, but will do better.

      • Accomplish less but do better by planning, setting priorities, choosing wisely. It’s somewhere in there with “The government that governs least governs best.”

        • Wow what an idiot you are. So you’re saying Pence will not accomplish anything but it’s better. We’ll still have Obamacare, wall will not be built, outsourcing of jobs will continue, no renegotiation on foreign trade, North Korean issue will be appease again, etc., etc., etc.

          • I’m saying a Pence that tries to do a few things well would be better than Trump trying to do too much and failing at almost everything he attempts. “And Mexico’s gonna pay for it!”

  2. He was elected not just by Republicans but by Independents and Democrats too. He was right to make a deal with the Democrat on this issue. Relief for hurricane victims is most immediate importance. Also the debt ceiling ask by Democrats p 3 months as oppose to the 18 months by the Republicans. If the President went with the Republicans, relief for hurricane victims would have stalled in Congress and tie his hands in negotiating for wall funding next continuous resolution on spending this coming December. The Republicans are asking for 18 months debt increase which will put the issue out until after 2018 election in other words no funding for the wall and other agenda of the Presidents will not be taken up by it Congress. The truth is the Republicans are so scared of government shutdown that they are willing to stick it to American people and not pass anything like the Obamacare repeal and replacement. With 18 months debt ceiling increase they can continue to fund Obamacare.


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