Why Does Israel Want to Send African Illegal Immigrants to Europe?

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by Thinker

It isn’t Israel, its the heads of state who make the choices not the people. Around the world the media refers to a nation as a whole. Every Jew doesn’t agree with what is happening in Palestine, just like every Black person in American isn’t an American. We as a people continue to put people in a group and not as the individual they are.

Americans, the masses didn’t vote for any war. Those elected to make the right choices for them did. History is showing that the decissions to go to wars for most nations have failed and have resulted in millions of immigrants.

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How do you get a man to leave his land?

Bomb it.

How to you change the lives of many in another nation?

Fill it with immigrants from the war for greed and profit.

Follow the money from each war and it seems you keep ending up in the same place with the same nations. Dual citizens rule the world and the politics of most nations. How many dual citizens are in your nation and make decisions on your behalf, or the behalf of another?

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Are the votes of dual citizens in high political positions bringing in the immigrants?

Flashback 2015 – Spot on Alex Jones explains how the elites are using 3rd world chaos to import immigrants to destabilize western governments to bring about the Jewish new world order?




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