Why don’t we all join Credit Unions?

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by roman-s


Intro: Today I’ve learned that KeyPoint Credit Union (I have a car loan there) is a not-for-profit financial institute as any other Credit Unions. This was an eye-opener for me. I’ve read a little bit about Credit Unions, what they are and how they are the diff​erenc​e from regular banks.

Whatever I’ve read was promoting Credit Unions for its better customer satisfaction rating, its cheaper loans and higher dividends due to tax-free operation.

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Let’s face it:

  • They provide the same services as any other bank for individual customers (loans, deposits, credit cards, web and mobile baking);
  • They have better rates (cheaper loans, higher dividends);
  • They are insured to the same limits (or almost the same) as banks;
  • They have higher customer satisfaction rating;
  • They vegan, Non-GMO, gluten and lactose free;
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Slogan: With Credit Union, You are not just a customer, you are the owner.

​Why don’t we all join Credit Unions and f**k banks off? Seriously, what do I miss?


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